.....So who goes this Sunday IF the Bombers win.....(ties excluded )

....The extension of either the Lions or the Eskimos 09 season will rest in the hands of the Bombers ,with a win over the hammer.......Without a win the Bombers will be putting their equipment in the ol glad bags........

....My prediction (though i have been wrong before) ESKIMOS will be on the sidelines after this weeks action
What say you.......??????????

Well I'll agree with that papa. . . IF (and it's a big if) the Bombers win on Sunday, I do believe it'll be Edmonton on the outside looking in. There's just been something not right with that Eskimo team this year, can't really put my finger on what it is. Regardless, I expect BC to beat them on Friday; Printers has looked pretty good in his 2 starts so far. The Eskimos have been pretty weak in pass defence this season (and you should be able to empathize with that, having had Maleaux and Marlbrough in your secondary not too long ago), so I expect Casey and Geroy will have some fun Friday.

....Im going to go one step further..... going way out on a limb and say IF that transpires...esks. on the outside looking in...I have a hunch Ray will be moved in the off-season....Ricky could be saying hello to either T.O. ...HAM. or WPG....'sometimes my hunches are right' :lol:

Interesting speculation for sure. . .

How about Kerry Joseph, Lin J Shell, and a draft pick from Toronto to Edmonton for Ray?

If you were in Bauer's shoes, what would you give up to get Ray?

here’s hoping the best for you guys! I want you to win so those damn Eskimos miss the playoffs (of course assuming they lose to B.C!)

maybe pay the Cats a few $$ to let ya win too!

although I’d rather have you earn the win!

....deal for Ray MadJack could be.....Simpson, for one (unless things really are patched up between him and Kelly) we also have Joe L...
....Craver and a few draft pics..... is all i could see now....but we could sweeten the deal with a more prolific player..... :roll:

Don't think there's much chance of getting that deal done papa.

Edmonton spent big bucks to get Mo Lloyd, so I doubt they'd have much interest in Simpson. And they had Craver before so I doubt they'd be interesting in him again. Wasn't he one of the DBs embarassed by Milt on that last play TD a season back?

Eskies seem to need help in the secondary, so including a DB or two isn't a bad idea. . . just don't see them wanting Craver back. . . and for gawd's sake don't trade Hefney !!

....oh i'm sure they'd luv Hefney.....ain't gonna happen....I would hope Shabazz is off the list as well,,,,,but ya just never know.. :wink:

A) Winnipeg is going to lose to Hamilton

B) Ray is not the problem in Edmonton. Strasser is. Ray will be an Eskimo for life. He is untouchable. If the Eskies miss the playoffs, Maccioccia will be toast, however.

I've only gone to one of the Edmonton fan boards a couple of times but they sure seem to want to put Ray on the first plane out of town. And, on in two, Wayne Gretzky is proof that no one is untouchable.

Good point Blue Blood. . . for the right package, anyone is tradeable.

and if hamilton doesnt win on in two? just throwing out that crazy possiblity.. :roll: go blue!

Then it's a rematch a week later, same place and THEN we'll kick you out :lol:

Exactly what I was thinking when I read "on in two's" post. I've spent some time in Edmonton on business this year, and the media/fans are blaming Ray for a lot of there issues in Edmonton (right or wrong - that's the way it is). Nobody is untouchable in this league - and I'm with Papa - I think he will be moved in the off-season.

Toronto has nothing to offer, and I'm not sure Hamilton will want to disrupt a ship that is finally floating. I wouldn't put it past Kelly to make a move for him. I know I wouldn't mind seeing him here! He misses the likes of Tucker and would be right at home with the recievers we have on hand. (Edwards, Ralph, Bowman, etc...)

Just my 2 cents.

Ray is still a dangerous animal come playoff time and if he heats up , good night !

....Now kasps....when eskimos heat-up it ain't good for them....but looking over the esks. o line....that should be enough to keep Ray cooled out... :lol: ..........seriously though....Ricky 'could' turn it up a notch seeing the importance of the game....however the leos will be tough... :wink:

Somehow I cant see Ray willing to be Bishop`s backup, so I doubt he would come to the Peg for that reason! But to my prediction, I see Edmonton grabbing the last playoff spot in the west. Bombers beat Hamilton so BC misses the playoffs. Either that or BC beats Edmonton, and meets Bombers in the Grey cup. I see it being all or nothing, btw the Bombers take the Cup.

Ok then, Bishop and that's it.

Looks like BC will be waving the black and gold pom poms on Sunday. I think Roy Dewalt is warming up for the Lions !

.....Wallys boys are in a litttle bit of trouble......They could still get in but the Cats have to beat us tomorrow...The leos qb. situation is tenuous at best....I'm sure the Cats would luv to play Buono and his choir of lame ducks...much easier than coming back to Wpg, stadium and play a very hungry Bomber bunch....BUT WE'LL HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY BOUT THAT TOMORROW... :wink: :rockin: GOBIGBLUE