Ellis & Moreno

Nice combination. Ki Ellis,It is a real shame the Tiger Cats did not make an effort to sign this guy. What was Obie thinking on this decision? Too much money or no talent or no brains?

Let me spleen it to you - because he was trading for another DE

spleen it to you. good one. :lol:

8) Go figure ?? We have first dibs on any released players also !!
I have given up trying to figure out what the braintrust of this outfit is thinking  !!!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Imagine Next Season.

Simpson and Moreno.

Ellis and Canada.


hendy: you forgot they have this other guy named Gavin Walls whose pretty good as well

How do you all know he didn’t make an effort to sign him? Maybe he just didn’t want to play here.

Too bad there's a salary cap and they will have to release Simpson and Canada then we can pick them up on waivers.

spike29 - Read TSN transaction log. Signed not traded - in other words the Tiger Cats could have had an opportunity to sign this guy. IF there was a trade who was involed?

8) I think "spike29" was referring to Alain Kashama, who was traded to the Cats for a draft choice !!
 Maybe he figured that Obie didn't bother picking up Ellis because he already had Kashama  !!

 Either way, with the Dline we have, I would have brought both Ellis and Kashama in here  !!