i think this would be a great pick for the cats for our defence some good talent what u guys think !!!!

Kai Ellis that is....

After thinking about them wait and see what is out there after nfl camps.

At this point steinhaur is pointless ellis im not sure how old he is. but we are not making the playoffs this year so y waste a spot on a guy who would be good if we were in the hunt. its time now to find guys who will fill in long term

I thought you meant Ron Ellis :wink:

Although Ron Ellis would be an improvement over our D-Line :lol:

Too late. According to the Winnipeg Free Press, Kai Ellis was signed to potentially replace Joe Lobendhen.

I still think Steinauer is better than Glasper...by more than a little.

It looks Ellis has been signed by the BB"s to replace Canada at DE. Moreno will probably still end up in Winnipeg even if Canada doesn't report to Hamilton. Winnipeg will just have to come up with some future considerations.
Getting Corey Mace for futures will be a good deal if he ever becomes available. Probably a conditional draft pick.
Obie is sure shaking things up.