Elliott signed by Ti-Cats

Well it looks like that didn't take long as the last of the Towers has signed on with the Cats . I personally would have preferred Hazelton or Gurley but at least we got one of them to help shore up our depleted receiving crew. Hopefully all he needs is a change of scenery much like Sinkfield did when he signed on here a few years back from Toronto due to apparent attitude issues that didn't follow him to Hamilton and weren't apparent when he was here.

Here's more from D. Edwards at 3DownNation............http://3downnation.com/2016/10/06/ticat ... n-elliott/

With Owens gone for the season it seems, a good signing.

[i]Ha ha! The Ticats have to sign the Argos' garbage! :lol:

Will he drop passes from Masoli or Mathews?[/i]

He's out of Barkers "garbage pit" and will do just fine here I bet. :smiley:

ya,unfortunatly there is a salary cap, so we cant sign your whole garbage team....you had two good qbs and now one plays for the ticats and another plays for Ottawa,hows Rickey Ray working out for you standing on the sidelines injured...AGAIN.....I guess Drew Willy is your future.....LMFAO.....

How far the Argos have fallen, Drew Willy as their future. Yup LMFAO! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: You go Barker, you "da man". :lol:


Dude, Johnny is not an Argo fan :lol: Good points though! :thup:

Johnny's team spanked the Argosnauts a few days ago...[/i]

Only because all-star receivers Luke Tasker and Chad Owens are injured. And I’m not sure whether Terrence Toliver is good to go or not.

I would take Kevin Elliott over Sam Giguere any day.

Kevin ElliottVerified account ?@CatchinMyDreams 3m3 minutes ago
Loving The Dark Side Already #Ticats

Picking scraps off the heap. hahaha. We picked up Winnipeg's scraps in Willy and now you have Attitude Elliott. You'll love the way he spins the ball after a two yard catch. Sometimes this league makes you scratch your head.

Oh well maybe the new receivers signed by Barker will be stars. hahahaha.