Elliot Lake mall disaster..best wishes for "Wilf" & Family

I was just watching the television footage of the horrendous collapse of the shopping mall in Elliot Lake, Ontario.

My thoughts immediately went to one of the original members of ticats.ca, and life-long, loyal to a fault, Tiger-Cats fan, "Wilf" and his family, who live there.

I truly hope Wilf and his loved ones are safe and I'm sure every one here feels the same.

Good luck to the residents of Elliot Lake as they deal with this tragedy which is still on-going.

Well said deer. :thup: Man, you just never know what can happen when in this life. :?

Been thinking this since the disaster. Saw the mall when I drove north to visit Wilf several years ago... just to see another member who had become a friend through the boards.

Wilf posted the following in the Off-Topic forum this afternoon.


Glad to hear he's alright.

Thanks for posting that !

Wilf just contacted me privately so I'm also glad he checked in with us !....

I remember vividly when he drove all the way to our Tiger-Cat "meet and greet" at Boston Pizza on Upper James some years back (2004 if memory serves).

For those who don't know, Elliot Lake is on the Trans Canada Highway half way between Sudbury and Thunder Bay...I venture a guess of about 10 hours with coffee and pee stops. Now THERE'S a loyal Ticats fan!

.. what a crying shame for this to happen to all those innocent people and to his beautiful community

Time for a brief geography lesson. Elliot Lkae is halfway between Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie. Thunder Bay is way, way out to the west. Also, we are not on the TransCanada, but 25km north of Hwy. 17. (Trans Canada.)
You are forgiven. When I lived down south, I was completely ignorant of the wonderful outdoors world to be found and enjoyed every day up here. Try it sometime. You will enjoy it, guaranteed!

Addendum....We are now being inundated by so many building experts, construction types, press, and police, it's hard to remember what the town was like wthout them. Don;t get me wrong. They are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the geography lesson Wilf. I need to broaden my horizons past Parry Sound 8)