Elliot Freedman of CBC

Earl you forgot one other possibility, if the NFL comes to Canada, the house of cards might take place and the CFL may go the way of the dinosaur.
What then?

YOu know, I perused alot of British tabloids last week on the net, and not one mentioned that the NFL coming to London could kill English football?

What that proves? That the British have more sense then the Canadian media.

The NFL isn't coming here, not any time soon, not for a hell of a long time.

Basketball will disappear from Toronto soon enough (I give it 5 years), and I doubt that MLB will last much longer. The reason? The sports are boring, and the TV numbers show it. TSN will soon realize that they can make more money showing CFL than anything else (other than hockey), and will drop basketball and baseball.

Even in the States, baseball is a dying sport.

I don’t really see why TSN would drop basketball in favour of CFL, considering the two sports seasons barely overlap. The Raptors play a grand total of 3 games on TSN in the next month.

One game is this Tuesday night, one is Saturday November 10th (the day before the East and West Semis), and one is November 30th, well after the end of the CFL season.

Basketball has an extremely minimal affect on the CFL. You guys can trash it if you don’t like it, I don’t care. It just seems kind of hypocritical for everyone in these threads to spend all their time giving reporters flack for not researching or looking at ratings and so on, when you guys don’t do any of that either.

A quick google search turns up reports showing that basketball and soccer are the two fastest growing sports in Canada.


berezin you are correct about the media part. Unfortunately, the Brits are an ocean away from the US, in a different time zone and do not go overboard on NFL football.
Plus and I believe this is the big point, soccer is world wide and is mega miles ahead of American Football.
The NFL Europe was there and it flopped big time.
So I don't think it is a fair comparison, however I wish we did have their attitude when it comes to our CFL.

As a quick aside, the Raptors home opener on Wednesday night drew a whopping 120,000 viewers nationally. Or 20% of what the ARgos drew on TV for Saturdays game.

Yet pick up a Toronto paper and its wall to wall rah rah Raptors coverage. Figure that one out.

Again you echo my feelings berezin.
I don't know what the answer is and I have been "fighting" this nonsense here for years.
I suppose if the Argos win this weekend it may create a buzz and get some extra coverage which hopefully will get us a 50,000+ sellout. Then if they host the GC, all bets are off as to what may happen at least on a short term basis.

Talking about the buzz for the ARgos.
That rag the Globe and Mail has an article on their website listing the top 12 sporting events on TV for the weekend.

And surprise surpise. No CFL game makes it! Oh they mention the MLS playoffs. And some who cares golf. And the who cares Rapotors. And of course the NFL.

But not one mention of the big games in Winnipeg and Saskatchewan this week?
LIke, what the hell is up with that?

I agree with this to a point. The CFL teams are more successful in the Western provinces because in at least 2 cases, its the only pro game in town. There are no other pro franchises in the other cities during the summer- Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver dont have MLB nor NBA to distract them, although the Grizzlies were a failed NBA experiment in Vancouver. The NHL doesnt detract from the CFL because their seasons are just getting started, but most are fans of both leagues.

It could be the Toronto media is more interested in the upcoming game between the Colts and Pats this weekend.

Quite frankly, given that the Riders/Argos game is virtually meaningless to me as a Riders fan (yes, I know it has implications for both the Argos and Bombers, but I don't give a sh!t about those teams) I too am more interested in the Colts vs Patriots game this weekend. It's a far more interesting story line as far as I'm concerned.

As for the NBA being a failed experiment in Vancouver, the only thing that was failed there was the GM of the Grizzlies. Stu Jackson couldn't draft his way out of a paper bag. If the Grizzlies had even come close to being a .500 team, they would have succeeded here. As it was, they decided to follow the Tiger-Cats school of how to build a winning team. Ha!

My point is , the Grizzlies are no longer there, which means that other than the Canucks and Lions, there are no other pro teams around to take away coverage and interest from the CFL. Unlike Toronto, which has the Raptors, Leafs and Jays. I would suspect that even the Bills get more coverage in Toronto than the Argos do, they certainly have recently. It seems like the CFL does not get ANY respect in the Center of the Universe, but despite that, the Argos are getting good fan support at the gate.

PS- the Argos averaged above 30K for their home games this year, not too shabby in a market where they get poor coverage.

That's right. The Argos are getting good fan support without the media. That proves the point that it is not the media that will break the CFL. I would submit that the same it true of the NFL. The Argos can continue to have good fan support even if the NFL is there.

The CFL is a different game, catering to different tastes. The market is not homogenous and people are not sheep(even in TO!!). So long as the CFL continues to provide a distinct, quality product, it will have a market niche, even in TO. Where the NFL already exists (i.e. in the USA), there are those for whom the NFL does not meet their football pleasure. Every week there is a new American fan popping up on this forum saying how they love our game and follow it, whether or not they follow the NFL. It is not 50% or 60% of all of Americans doing so - might not even be .5 or .6 of 1% - but we don't need everyone in any market to buy a ticket. If TO is what 4-5 million people now, less than 1% of them coming to one game on average is a sellout of the Rogers Centre every game.

Sponsorship follows and is the same thing. It is not homogenous - as long as there are fans, there is money. If there is money, there will be those wanting to tap into it. No, it won't be billion dollar deals and it won't all be multinationals, but that is not the niche in the advertising market that the CFL will attract. I don't think it an accident that national Canadian companies like RONA and Canadian Tire and Tim Horton's advertise during CFL games - because the CFL has an audience that very closely matches the scope of those companies' markets. Those companies are also tap into "Canadian patriotism", an intangible that they have in common with the CFL. That will still be true with or without the NFL.

Maintain our strengths (e.g. sense of patriotism to Canada) and improve our weaknesses (e.g. officiating) to ensure that there is a quality product and the rest will fall into place.

We do have soccer in Vancouver, and soccer is pretty big out here. Not only the pros, but at the amateur and kids levels.

Baseball, OTOH, is all but ignored out here, even by the media...and basketball...well, no one cares about that at all.

Yeah, I knew about the soccer thing, but I don't think it hurts the Lions any.

...i am...


funny, after I hit submit, I thought to myself - I should add a line in there to except you!! Too lazy to edit!

I guess my point is that the NBA, when it was here didn't hurt the Leos either. Plus the WhiteCaps are a pro team.

Now they got Freidman doing some hockey thing on Al Arbour . Must change the channel.