Elliot Freedman of CBC

Another know nothing Hogtown hack spouts his misguided opinions today about the CFL on the CBC website.

Whats amazing is this guy actually was the host of the CFL on CBC. And will be the host for the Grey Cup.

Yet there he is writing today that the NFL is coming to Hogtwon, and that the CFL is dead? In fact he even states that the CFL should go begging to the NFL to spare it from extinction?

He doesn't say why the CFL will suddenly die when the NFL comes here. Maybe he's hoping, I don't know. But for these guys to kill off an entire league, and not saying why and how it will happen makes me wonder what their agenda is?

I just don't get people like Freedman, Feschuk, Brunt and Naylor. But they all have one thing in common. They're Hogtown hacks, American buttkissers, and they're an embarassemtn to this coutnry.

I know for a fact Elliot Freedman comes to this website. And I hope to hell he reads this.

that's sad.. Elliot, what is wrong with you?

Well, I guess he's a proponent of Canadians thinking we are all controlled by the culture of fear brought on by the media.

Well, it's Halloween so I guess this is a good time for the fear card to be played by our media. :wink:

Happy Halloween everybody! We like you Elliotte, really and honestly. :wink:

Elliotte is a CFL fan though guys, I like him. He's just doing his job here. He just wants to show us that Toronto makes this country work and without Toronto, we are all nothings. And that isn't true now, is it? :smiley:

It would a blast to debate Steve, Dave, Marty and Elliotte sometime. Good thing these guys are in the minority. Besides, who really wants to watch the Bills take 10 minutes to move the ball 65 yards for a fieldgoal? :cowboy:

Look, the Bills will be wildly successful in Toronto, I don't doubt that, if they do play there. But it will or could have a negative impact on the Raps and Blue Jays as well since the NFL could be the big show in Toronto since people know it's the best run league of the biggies and want to be sure it's successful there even if it means they drop putting their money on Jays and Raps tickets, only so much money to go around. But why don't we hear that from the media?

One other thing. Fear stories like this will keep cropping up all the time and this is a compliment to the CFL. Why? Because the NFL coming to Canada and possibly affecting the CFL is bigger than just about any other story out there about the Jays and Raps. In short, besides hockey stories and maybe even some of them would take a back seat, the CFL is big in Canada and sells. We have the proof in all of these stories, who really cares that much about the Jays and Raps outside of the Toronto/southern Ontario area? Not a lot of people.

Good point Earl. Given the way the Leafs are playing (and I noticed the empty seats before the end of the game Monday;)) you have to wonder about them too? :cowboy:

I like how he throws in the customary "some of us love Canada" but I almost puked when he said "the teams only care about themselves". Gee, I guess Winnipeg and Sask being in debt millions of dollars because they helped bail out other teams is a sign of how self-centered they are.

Leafs games are sold out. It's just that the corporate people don't go to alot of the games, thus empty seats.

Not to turn this into a discussion on the Leafs, but a lot of the 100 level seats were filled at the start of the game and very empty before the end... :cowboy:

...If Friedman was hoping to catch on with any other broadcaster of a CFL game ,i'd say he just signed off........Its the same old diatribe...watchout the nfl is coming ...the nfl is coming....i say bullcrap...this league has been around a long time and will continue to be around a lot longer than dissenters like Friedman etc...Maybe 'Idiot' thinks he's setting himself up for primetime when the nfl arrives at the centre of the universe (yeah right)...your dreaming in HI-DEF Friedman... :lol:

Apparently, Montreal was lining up an NFL franchise in the late 1970's according to this geocity article (check out the 3rd column on the 2nd page): :cowboy:

[url=http://www.geocities.com/cfl_historical/GreyCup-1977.htm]http://www.geocities.com/cfl_historical ... p-1977.htm[/url]

Just to show the hypocracy of the Toronto media, check out their Raptors coverage.

I mean so much positive rah rah cheerleading about how great the RAps will be and how popular they are and how they're CAnada's team.

Never mind their TV ratings will be lucky to top 100,000 viewers nationally. And that outside Tronto noobdy cares. And barely anybody in Toronto cares.

But since the Tornto media is full of basketball fans, all you hear is good things about basketball. Its the greatest thing since sliced bread. CAn you say hyocrites?

I still want to know why an owner would a team in Toronto with a 50,000 seat Stadium when they could get 80,000 to 90,000 seats in several US cities. (Or Mexico for that matter...100,000)

Its only going to be one game per season. All is not lost.

I guess CBC didn't see fit to post my original comment on the Friedman rant in which I suggested that Elliotte was in love with 4-down football, was jealous of the attention Brunt and Naylor were getting and should have fun over beers with those two and Marty York after work...not to mention that he should straighten his neck during his on air telecasts...those nice folks at CBC are so politically correct they are becoming irrelevant. So I tried to post the following:

40,000 fans at the Argos-Bombers game and over 500,000 viewers on the weekend. Twice as many viewers as any NFL game played on Sunday. More finanicial stability in the CFL then we have seen in years. The Bills took 10 minutes to move the ball 65 yards against the Jets for a fieldgoal! And ya think 4-down football is the be-all and end-all? Right...Keep dreaming!!! There was a lot of talk of Montreal getting an NFL franchise in the late 70's when the Alouettes were drawing 60,000 to their games at the Big O...and talk of the end of Canada as well. Surprise, surprise...When will the facts be heard?

These sports pundents never cease to amaze me. Keeping pounding em! :cowboy:

Good post hfive.

This article wasn't as much about the NFL is coming as it was the league not helping out Toronto.

Lets face the facts, Toronto has been and will always be a tough sell. The problem is related to the organization and their lack of ability to generate interest. I am sorry, but that is the ownerships problem. Look at Vancouver, a few years ago the team was in the dumps. New ownership came along and started putting a credible team on the field and started marketing the team. Toronto has a had credible teams just not the marketing. The CFL is in the news in the west, because the team go out the their way to market themselves and the league.

Yes the NFL is coming.....but I don't think Toronto has 10,000 fans that would be willing to put up $30,000 to buy the rights to a seat, never mind 30,000 fans. If that was so easy they could just as easily find 3000 finds 20000 to fund a new stadium for the Agros.

The reason, the NFL is so hot to get the CFL to sign another deal, is they realize two things. They lose the ability to steal a player going into his option year. Two the support for the CFl has been growing. Management has been relatively stable and we aren't looking to go into places like the US.

They never put my comments on either just the ones supporting the NFL.

I'm on one of my brainwaves here that if the NFL comes to Toronto, this will help football in general in Canada in the CFL and push baseball more to the side. Ok, so the Argos might be playing at BMO or a new stadium in the suburbs and maybe sponsorship might go down but I think it will help raise football in this country. One more team and a team in the glitzy NFL. Really, while I don't need it, it really might not be a bad thing.

If the NFL were doing Hockey Night in CAnada TV ratings up here, and it was coming to Hogtown, then I'd say you may have a point.

But thing is the NFL does ordinary to poor ratings on CAnadian TV. It is not this hugely popular sport the media up here keeps telling us it is.

The Raptors have done nothing for basketball interest in CAnada. Baseball interest is diving despite the Blue Jays. The CFL will still have a bigger impact on this country.