Elliot and Carr re-signed

....Great to have Elliott back in the fold as well as Carr.....Talented receiver and a qb. with huge potential...Buck and Brink 'should' be on board soon although Alex might want to take a shot somewhere else...Judging by his tweets about our new o co-ordinator, i think he'll re-up in the Peg :wink:

Two solid re-signings there papa. I guess we can put an end to the “Mack isn’t doing anything” articles in the press.

Carr has looked good and I see better things from him going forward.

Elliot I’ve already been on record as predicting a bright CFL career as a starter for him down the road (but of course, take that with the proverbial grain of salt, I also was on record as predicting the very same for Stanley Jackson, Rocky Butler, and Marcus Brady, and we all know how those predictions turned out, as Mrs MadJack delights in reminding me from time to time. . . ).

Elliott is offically signed. Carr isn't signed yet but close to a deal.