Ellingson tasker no comparison. Big mistake by austin

2 years of health issues with Ellingson led to his departure from Hamilton. Tasker is a solid receiver year after year. Waiting for a healthy Ellingson could have been a long wait. Think Al Leiter, left hander with old Jays. He had more blisters than wins in Toronto.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I think you need to be the Gm/coach. You obviously are more knowledgable than Austin. Apply for the job when Austin is gone!!

Don't remember the timing of Ellingson's move to Ottawa, but didn't it also involve the dispersal draft and Ellingson coming to the end of his contract here in Hamilton? Maybe I am confused on details, but I don't believe it was just a flat out release by Hamilton. In other words, I think Ellingson had some say in the move.

Ellingson missed the last 6 games of 2013 and only managed to play in 7 of the 18 regular season games in 2014, and also missed out on the Tiger-Cats 2 playoff games.
Guess who was a CFL all star 2014? Tasker.
So would it be wise to not sign a CFL all star and invest in a guy who had played in only 7 of the teams last 26 games?

It was a NO BRAINER and not even close. It is a waste of time to compare Tasker and Ellingson because in 2014 at the time of the transaction there was no comparison to be made. Young injury prone receiver vs young All Star receiver.
Who should Austin have kept?
More accurately the decision probably came down to Sinkfield or Ellingson.

Very closed-minded thinking. You are assuming Austin did not have a crystal ball.

Speaking of Sinkfield, Viking Training Camp is underway

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Coley, Adams, Shelton, Richardson, and Sinkfield all working on the fundamentals of being a punt gunner.

Lock 'er up. This thread is over.
Well done.

Good points. At the time, I would have also taken Sinkfield over Ellingson. Who knew that oft-injured Ellingson would become mr. dependable, Tasker would slip a notch and Sinkfield would be taking a crack at the NFL...well Austin probably should have seen that last one coming.

THIS EXACTLY! While I'm glad to see Greg achieving great success, it comes with a lot of frustration since he could not stay healthy in Hamilton and really gave them no other choice. Austin seemed to become frustrated with his health issues as well. I recall Austin responding to a question about him in a media scrum with something along the lines of: "Well he practiced today but you never know with Greg."

I'm with Crash. Ellinson didn't like it here and is gone. Water under the bridge unless you own a 'way back' machine?

Ellingson was heading for rookie of the year honours before he was injured in 2014. But he spent most of 2015 hiding on the one game injury list. I doubt he was injured, or he would have been moved to the six game.

He just couldn't find a place on the team with Grant, Tasker and Sinkfield in the line up.

It is unfortunate that he was here at a time when the team was stacked with good receivers, or we might have held on to him.

Perhaps Austin shouldn't be GM and Coach and have as much control.

No way Ellington was a mistake.....he wasn't working out in Ham. Will take Tasker any day!