Ellingson vs. Giguere

The decisions to move him to the slot is interesting. We'll see if it pays off, he has the physical attributes to play there but does he have the skills ?

They thought he had the skills for much of the camp then he was switched back to WR again a move that went largely unreported and unexplained. If it had to do with Ellingson, fine, but like the Beasley cutting, the question still has to be asked and it wasn’t.

It's not about being infallible its basic acknowledgment of what a player can or cannot do - which a coach learns to do with six year olds.
Its not about cherry-picked highlights that are remembered (or forgotten like his in-traffic catches vs WPG) or is it based on "feelings". Either he can or he can't.

LOL, no offense, man, but player evaluation is an art, not a science.

Its not about cherry-picked highlights that are remembered (or forgotten like his in-traffic catches vs WPG) or is it based on "feelings". [b]Either he can or he can't.[/b]
But whether he can or he can't isn't necessarily going to be clear in the blink of an eye to anyone, coach or fan.

Training camps last longer than the blink of an eye. If Giguere lacked basic rec. skills like running routes he would not be on the team. If lacked a work ethic that too would have been revealed and Austin would cut him just as quickly.

That's too bad, considering he's a father himself you would expect a little more "attention" but he could have had a lot on his mind too.

Physical tools alone do not necessarily equate to a great receiver.

Mental acuity and field vision are as important, if not more so, than physical attributes alone.

The issues with Giguere appear to be lack of focus and basic pass catching ability, seeming adverse to following the ball (hence habitually giving up on the play), and failure to find the seams by attempting to power through the opposition instead of using clever maneuvers.
Yet physically, he is an ideal specimen, both in conditioning and build.

But the question remains, can these fundamentals still be instilled at this stage of his career to override the many years of ingrained instinctual play?

We shall see...

I doubt it.

What a shock.

I think he's had ample time and opportunities to show the fans what he's got. So far it's been precious little. It isn't like he has a doofus for his QB. If he could get open and catch the ball, Burris/Austin would be relying on him more. I hate to say it but he's a passport player, ie. only playing because he's a non-import.

An Argo-Cat fan

I've seen him play since his college days. Have you ? In College he could not even catch the ball while running. He was a one trick pony. Push off the defender, sprint, turn and sit. Dass it. He's improved but he'll never be an SJ Green caliber slot back and that's the standard.

In addition to rec. he can also play special teams and return punts or kicks. So that would make him a three trick pony which puts him in decent company for a CDN.

If he wasnt French you have bothered to talk about him at all ? I know you have to find something negative because he's a TC and I know you were hoping he wouldnt sign here but at least try to pretend to be objective.

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Samuel Giguerre-- Gridiron Guru SCOUTING REPORT---

1-Extremely powerful athlete with straight line speed that lacks FLUIDITY in his hips. (hence lack of separation)

2- GIves away where he is going because he runs all his patterns at the same speed-

3- Is a straight line runner, prob better suited on special teams- Doesent have a great brain for football routes.

4- Not a natural football player- More of a track guy trying to learn to play football- Hence the bobsledding career-

5- Passes the eye candy test- Looks like a football player but has all the looks but does not equal his talent on the field or his performance-

6-Will not thrive in Kent Austins system because KENT AUSTIN wants SMART football players and Giguerre is limited because all he basically can run is straight up and down the field-

7-Giguerre has limited football background but got a NFL shot and now a CFL job because of his athletic ability and straight line speed- However football is not just about straight line speed- its about making football plays- Giguerre is not a PLAYMAKER, he has not played football since he was 7 years old- He started late and is trying to PLAY vs other PROFESSIONALS who have started playing football at the age of 7 or 8- He is about 10-12 years behind all the other pro players-

8-Overall I feel that AUSTIN is smart enough to find a way to use GIGUERRE in the system, but he has to be focussed because if he is not AUSTIN will bench him--

IMO Giguerre should be used more on quick screens to get him in the game- Its tough when you dont get the ball, receivers like GIGUERRE are going to be only as good as he is used- He looked lethargic and out of the game because every pass was going to FANTUZ-

What does Giguere being French have anything to do with what I posted ? Where did you get that out of what I posted ? Enlighten everyone here.

What does Giguere being French have anything to do with what I posted ? Where did you get that out of what I posted ? Enlighten everyone here.

Simple. You find negative things about HAM interesting and stir the pot. You find Quebec players particularly interesting so Giguere has been a god-send. And you still have Freddy Plesius to run down too.