Ellingson or Gable?

On TSN Halftime today between the Lions and Al's they asked the question if you could pick a rookie of the year from the Tiger-Cats would it be Greg Ellingson or C.J. Gable?

Two very talented players and both in the running for this award so far in the season. My pick would be Ellingson what do Tiger-Cat fans think?

Ellingson has been way more consistant than Gable. Gable has become a multiple threat out of the backfield, AND CAN RUN BETWEEN THE TACKLES. It can’t be all THAT bad to have two legitimate ROY candidates…

Ellingson without a doubt for me. Gable has not been as consistent. Ellingson seems to deliver whenever he’s called upon.

An Argo-Cat fan

I really like Ellingson, but,
Gable is a bigger part of the offense
3- 150yrd games in a row
more TD's
Tougher yards to get, without a fullback blocking for him anymore
Must take on blitzing LB's and stunt D Linemen to protect Hank,
I like Gable. :thup:

Ellingson has been highly successful the entire season so far. Gable, on the other hand, started out slow but has been getting better with every game. At this point, I'd go with Ellingson, but that could change over the next few games.

If one had to pick a candidate from defense I'd go with Rico Murray. Another product of this org's "love affair with borderline talent".

Gable if I am not mistaken, was injured and didn't play the first few games. He certainly is starting to take off and is definitely entertaining to watch. Ellingson has been steady all season and is 2nd in the league in receiving yards (behind only Fred Stamps!) so at the moment I think I too would go for him. Great to have them both and they make it hard to decide - kind of a nice problem to have! :smiley:

And the forgotten rookie who has done a great job this year is Figueroa. The big boys never seem to get any respect for these rewards.

Last 7 games will decide it. If both keep going at their current pace, Gable probably surpasses Ellingson.

Gable has quietly joined the league's top 20 in receiving yards, he's #7 in rushing (one yard away from #6), #4 in yards from scrimmage, and #2 in TDs. (Although we saw from Owens' MOP win last year that voters don't actually care about ability to score TDs - at least not as much as they care about one's ability to pile up gimme yards on kickoff returns.)

Gable is also becoming a human highlight reel. Eventually, one of his patented helicopter or high hurdle maneuvers is going to result in a TD that makes all the sportcast recaps, and that will get some attention from people.

It's amazing what 10+ years of futility will do to a fan base. A 5-6 record and all of a sudden the talent level is exceptional.

I agree that Figueroa merits consideration. In addition to playing a less glamorous position, I think he was injured at the start of the season, which hurts his visibility further. What strikes me about Ellingson is his performance has been so strong and consistent right out of the gate that if you only started watching the league this year, you'd think he had already been playing in the league a couple of seasons. I like Gable too, but Ellingson doesn't even seem like a rookie (and both of them spent time in NFL camps, with Ellingson also playing some Arena League).

And on D I think Delvin Breaux has shown a lot as well, though he hasn't been consistently healthy.

Exceptional ? , maybe, but better than "borderline".

Ellingson in my opinion only for the fact he is a pure rookie. Gable is a great addition and yes he fits the category of a rookie but did he not already have 6 years as a pro in the arena league. I think the rule on rookie status needs to be looked at. IMHO if you play in any pro league then come to the CFL you are not a rookie. Maybe a rookie to the CFL but already having some pro experience under your belt should disqualify you from ROY.

Then that would also rule out Ellingson, would it not?

Did I miss a joke here somewhere? Not sure what point you’re trying to make. Personally, I think Murray has done a pretty good job at both LB and DB. Pretty much shut down Arceneaux in the second BC game; not many DBs can say that.

(By the way, Murray isn’t a rookie, as he played a few games in the NFL with the Bengals. Not sure that matters to whatever point you’re going for, but there it is.)

Anotherdork's raison d'etre on this board is to take shots at posts made by other fans. The implication is generally that a true fan should be more supportive of the team, and avoid overly critical or fatalistic posts.

Sometimes I think he overdoes it - especially in cases like the above, where he's referencing older posts that the rest of us have long forgotten. I'd also like to see the balance of his posts tilt more towards his own original views, and away from critiques of the views of others.

But I must admit, sometimes I probably have the Dork in the back of my mind as I'm writing my own posts. (Will they meet the standard of the "true fan"?)

Gable played one season in the arena league. Ellingson played two.

This got me looking at who our eligible rookies are. (Corrections to the list are most welcome.)

  • Atkinson, M
  • Brown, R
  • Davis, E
  • Delahunt, J
  • Eliingson, G
  • Figueroa, J
  • Gable, CJ
  • Gascon-Nadon, A
  • Harris, E
  • Hobbs, A
  • King, N
  • Lamar, L
  • Marshall, C
  • Moore, Tavoy
  • Mutobola, H
  • Plesius, F
  • Primé, CO
  • Stephen, C

Man, we have a lot, don't we? And this doesn't include those who have been released, or those on the PR who haven't suited up yet, although it does include one player (Atkinson) on the IR who hasn't played yet (don't think so at least).

As far as I can tell, Gable and Ellingson are the only two who have played professionally.

Hey CFO:

If they haven't changed the eligibility requirements since 2010 both Gable and Ellingson are eligible for ROTY:

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/most-outstanding-rookie-eligible-players]http://www.cfl.ca/article/most-outstand ... le-players[/url]

Agreed. My comment was in reference to the suggestion made by tcmik (and the talking heads at TSN) that the requirements be changed to exclude players with experience in one of the other professional leagues. Not sure how I feel about that. But for now, both are eligible - as long as the talking heads don't manage to convince the rest of the selection committee to ignore them on this basis.