Ellingson blows (or refuses to blow)

OTTAWA-GATINEAU - The Ottawa REDBLACKS are aware that a charge of failing to provide a breath sample into a roadside screening device was laid against Greg Ellingson on Friday morning.

The Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group and the REDBLACKS will continue to collect information in this case. In the interim, Ellingson will not be participating in team activities.

Because this is a personal legal matter, the REDBLACKS will have no further comment on this specific case at this time.

He really “dropped the ball” on that one. ::slight_smile: :wink: :slight_smile:

Oh so he’s not perfect after all?

Since you didn’t provide a link (or accidentally provided a broken link), here is confirmation:

Memory-holed by start of 2019 season.

If he worked at Walmart, would it even draw a mention?

Well he doesn’t work at Walmart. He’s one of the faces of the franchise and a public figure especially around Ottawa. No excuse for him to drink and drive. No excuse for anyone.

There are all kinds of arrests and charges every day that don’t make the press. If the person charged is in the public eye, they do.

Probably equally as prominent as the publicity around Orlondo Steinauer’s decision to stay with his current employer. (If he worked at Walmart.)

When Charleston Hughes refused to blow it was 8 pages before it was locked up for abusiveness.
Of course because he was a SSK Rider it was escalated

the Ottawa Police Service released a statement on Saturday, saying that Ellingsonhad been arrested at 2:37 a.m. on Friday, November 30th, 2018, in the Kirkwood and Carling avenues area, during a R.I.D.E program.

I think that one also got lengthy (and contentious) because of a fundamental disagreement among posters about whether driving drunk is a serious issue.

One only to peek back at our Dan Black and his sitchy vis a vis what makes the news or does not.

Wow, Ellingson still drinking to forget the GC loss?

Must of really stung?

I suppose he could just pull out his ring from 2016 and look at it for a while…probably make him feel a little better…so he stop drinking and driving.

Ya, probably. Think of the headlines

“Throwback CFL AllStar works at WalMart in his spare time”

unfortunately it looks like he decided to get behind the wheel rather than apply at walmart so we’re talking about this instead. c’est la vie

Especially poor choice, knowing he is heading for free agency. Desjardines has a tough choice to make now. Re-sign the kid with this baggage, or let him walk because of it. I know everyone makes mistakes, and deserves second chances, but if you re-sign him, what message does that send to the club’s young fans?

See Hebert, Kyries;
Cioffi, Anthony; and
Rose, Jonathan.

Less than a handful of things that can make a star un-employable in pro sports.
DUI isn’t one of them.

I’m not saying that drinking and driving is in anyway okay, nor condoning Ellingson’s behaviour only saying that this incident drew attention because, as you say, Ellingson happens to be in the public eye, at least among CFL fans. And probably more so on this forum because he previously played here and some of us apparently like to rub it it for that reason. I have friends, neighbours, and relatives who have absolutely no idea who Greg Ellingson is, perhaps other than some guy who foolishly decided to drink and drive.

The legal system will deal with him as it would any other person charged DUI. My feeling is that we leave it to them to do so, and apply the appropriate sanctions, just like we would if he was an “ordinary Greg Ellingson” in any other profession. That’s all.

[b]but if you re-sign him, what message does that send to the club's young fans?[/b]
See Hebert, Kyries; Cioffi, Anthony; and Rose, Jonathan.
Perfect! 8)