:elks: Elks vs :tigercats: Ti-Cats game thread topic, Aug 17, 2023

:elks: Edmonton Elks
:tigercats: Hamilton Tiger-Cats

game time - 2023-08-17T23:30:00Z

game tracker - 2023-08-17 Game Tracker - HAMILTON Tiger-Cats vs. EDMONTON Elks (6345) - CFL.ca

who do you think will win?
  • :elks: Edmonton Elks
  • :tigercats: Hamilton Tiger-Cats
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:sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :joy:

Hope everybody is looking forward to the “Game of the Week” and a preview of this years Grey Cup tonight between these two powerhouse teams .


what happened to all the Ti-Cat hype and optimism when BLM was signed? :thinking: i still remember the first 6 games topic where most of you figured they’d be 5-1 LMAO

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I think Tre Ford (QB) and the Elks could pull this off. The Elks could have beaten the Bombers last week. There were 2 other games where the Elks lost by only 4 points and a single point. The TiCats have a 3-5 record to date. The Elks could have been in the same position had fate not had other plans.
Interestingly, the last time these 2 teams met, the final score was close with the TiCats coming out on top. The Elks could have won!
With Tre Ford, I’m putting my money on the Elks.:+1:


Ti-Cats are coming off a bye week, with a new OC too. probably quite a bit of film on Tre now. i REALLY want to pick the Elks because i want them to kick the Ti-Cats asses but my head says probably not.

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This is the most intriguing game of the week for me sadly.

Elks start a stretch of 5 games that are winnable compared to their past 3. Pressure is with Hamilton being at home, Grey Cup hosts and need this one to inch their way their way to the mushy middle.

With the changes in Edmonton this week off the field, does the team get the us against the world mentality. What do they have to lose? More games of course but who’s counting…I,m losing track lol


Too funny🤣

The challenge for the Elks is coming up with another new and creative way of losing. I hope they have run out of ideas in that department.
I like Hamilton but I’d like to see the Elks finally win a game. I’m all for parity. 0-9 is a stain that needs to be removed. A change in detergent can do that. A change in “tide”. Get it? Get it? I thought it was quite clever if I say so myself.:rofl::crazy_face::rofl:


The weather will almost certainly cause a rain delay tonight. It would not bode well for the Ticats if they lose this one.

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Seriously? Bummer. I hate those delays.

rain delay might work a bit in Elks favour given their time zone change and shorter turnaround.

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I was actually think something else. “Elks” prefer wetter conditions. More grasses, shrubs and the like to graze on. Cats really hate water and try to avoid it when possible. I figure the TiCats are not any different.

Finally one of these teams will get a win. Yahoo!

Malik Carney DL Questionable
Mo Diallo DL Out
Joel Figueroa OL Out
Terry Godwin WR Doubtful
Kyle Saxelid OL Questionable
Chris Van Zeyl OL Out
Cedric Wilcots II DL Out
Dylan Wynn DL Knee Limited Limited Full

Lots of hurting linemen…

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yea thats a lot. Elks have a chance and i’m very tempted to pick them. plus i hate the Ti-Cats lol.

So why do you hate us ? What did we ever do to you to deserve that ?


no not the fans or even the organization! just Lions vs Cats rivalry :smile_cat:

note: i dislike the riders even more. Elks are my second team more or less because they were my fav when i was kid in the Warren Moon era.

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hell, i wish more fans of CFL teams had the passion and dedication of the Ti-Cats fans. if they did, the league would likely be in fine form and doing very well. every team having that fan base would be amazing.


Actually my two fav teams ever since I was a kid have always been the Cats and the Lions . In fact I wear my BC cap 99% of the time when I go out anywhere . Believe me it confuses a lot of people when they see a guy wearing a Ticat shirt and shorts or track pants and then seeing a Lions hat on their head . :smile: :ticats: :bclions:


I would add the Redblacks, Bombers, and Roughriders (ordered East to West, not by favorites) to the list of dedicated fans. But yeah seriously those Ti-Cat fans during the early years of Bob Young’s caretaking capacity are absolutely commendable.

Huh, I’ve actually been thinking of getting a Lions hat myself.

I would love to see them in the Grey Cup against the Ticats in Hamilton but that seems rather unlikely at the moment

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