:elks: Elks vs :riders: Riders Game Thread - Friday September 15, 2023

:elks: Edmonton Elks
:riders: Saskatchewan Roughriders

game time: 2023-09-16T01:30:00Z

preview - Riders host Elks in Friday night Western clash - CFL.ca

tracker - 2023-09-15 Game Tracker - SASKATCHEWAN Roughriders vs. EDMONTON Elks (6362) - CFL.ca

Who do you think will win?
  • :elks: Edmonton Elks
  • :riders: Saskatchewan Roughriders
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For tonight’s game starting in 2.5 hours.


For those of you who don’t know, anyone can feel free to start a game thread. Probably especially if the game includes your favourite team. But we only need one in CFL Talk and another in a team sub forum is fine as well. So first one up gets to stay.

Two seasons ago the site reliably generated a game thread on it’s own prior to games. The same occurred last season but generally the site also generated 1-3 duplicate game threads which sometimes caused confusion and which required moderator intervention in shutting down the duplicates. I don’t believe the site has generated any game threads this season. Hopefully that will change but we have no control over it.

I have started game threads from time to time as has GGirl, but that isn’t a given. We just do it if we are around and see there isn’t one. A few other members have also started game threads when they don’t see one close to game time which is great. I just want to make it clear, especially for the newer members, that they can start a game thread if they don’t see one as some may either be expecting one automatically or unsure whether they can start one. Recently a game had started without a thread active until after it had started.

Normally the game thread should be started on the same day of the game. The game thread is intended for in game discussion or game day pre game discussion. If you want to start a thread earlier in the week for discussion of the game as some team forums do that is fine as well but then give it a different game such as “ pre game discussion” rather than “ game thread”.

Hopefully this helps. There are a lot of members that don’t visit too often, many in the US, that log into the forum to join or follow a game thread and it would be nice if there is always one in existence for them to find.


edit: added some stuff to the OP

Hoping for a great and exciting game.
Plenty on the line for both teams regarding play offs.


Edmonton is eliminated from western playoffs with a loss tonight.

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If Edmonton wins - Hopefully this is the last the mournful Rider fans see of the clown act - Reynolds’s , Oday and High School guy Dickenson

I would rather a Grey Cup

Oday couldn’t even get Sankey back - he would rather play in front of empty stadiums instead of Riderville

Holy - crazy image of Rider Managements Professionalism

The loss of Jayden Dalke looked pretty massive last game. Will the Riders secondary figure things out or will another team feast in the air?

what just happened there?

I’m happy to switch over from that penalty-fest and horrible football in the earlier game. I feel like I waited too long too.

Hit as he threw

Switched to the rider game in time to see the int.

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Evidently the CFL has not fixed things so that so many games don’t last at least three hours. That other one was all penalties, injuries, and slow reviews tonight. Woeful football.

Don’t worry- I watched it for you. Ended on a blocked FG attempt that would’ve sent it to overtime


Ok. Barn burning finish in the other game that looked like OT until Toronto blocked a last second makeable field goal that would have sent it to OT and won 23-20.

What’s happened here? See that Sask is up 10-0 after one quarter.

Fantastic second half. Toronto blocked a tying FG attempt. deja vu. They did the same thing last November to win 2022 Grey Cup.

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Re- calculating to prepare to see the Elks win their 4th game.

Old school Team Jumbo “tight end dump” for touchdown - AC Leonard again this year!

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Nice little trick on the pass to Leonard when the Riders were expecting a short yardage push.