Elks unveil return of iconic Double E helmet logo

EDMONTON — An Edmonton icon is back where it belongs.

The Edmonton Elks unveiled their 2022 helmets on Thursday, with the club’s new helmet featuring the club’s beloved Double E logo.

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Double "E" = Easily Eliminated ? :grinning:

Doesn't the Stamp logo feature a horse with 3 legs. That explains a lot. LOL


To me being a long time fan they are still the Eskimos, and always BE


Great to see the EE back. Wouldn’t mind seeing the antlers cycle in on occasion too. U can never have too many logos😀. All the more merch to sell.

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Looks good .

Now back to the darker green and gold numbers at home .

Good to see the EE logo back. The antlers looked more funny than fierce.


Stampederfan – History says otherwise and doesn’t agree with you. :grin:

Since 1972, the Double EE have missed the playoffs only 6 times in 49 years!
From 1972 to 2005, the Double EE made the playoffs 33 straight years – to match that feat – the Stumps have 17 more seasons to draw even!

The simplicity of numbers – they never lie! :+1:
All stats from CFL Database - - https://stats.cfldb.ca/


Guess they got tired of people laughing at their stupid helmets, now we just get to laugh at their stupid name.

Better helmet but still battling for the basement with the masked up lions lol


Do you ever make a positive comment?


Love the return of the double E. Those antlers just didn't do it for me.

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When Edmonton wore signature uniforms & helmets for a couple years that used a similar Double E, I thought those were ugly. Putting roughly the same EE on a helmet that looks like something from the 1960's or 1970's does nothing not improve my opinion. I also wonder if this was even designed by a professional.

I agree but I do think returning the old logo is problematic
They said were leaving the past because it was "offensive"

Then usher it back in the very next season instead of trying to build any goodwill to new design???

It is baffling the sudden abrupt face

I believe that both the team and the Edmonton fans accepted the change to the Elks in a classy way. There is no harm in having the "E E" on the helmet - this does not undermine their previous decision - instead it is able to fold a bit of the past into their new future. Good on ya Edmonton!


Well maybe a solution would be having the iconic double EE logo on one side of their helmet and having PC on the other side of the helmet . :thinking: :eyes:


To some they will always be the Esks. You cannot erase 60 plus years of history with a simple name change.

I have been a fan for a long time. I now refer to them as the Elks but love the fact they are bringing back the double E to hold on to that history.

Now work in the new generation of fans that will know only the Elks and you have a win win all around

Let’s get on with CFL football and leave this craziness behind


Then the new Elk's chant could be:

"EE... PC... EE... PC!!!" (it kinda rolls off the tongue) :grin:

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Always happy to see Edm lose.

But Very happy to see the EE back.

It just didn't look right without.

Probably the new president with his Edm routes felt the EE should remain.

I wondered last year, as I thought one of the reasons they were trying to find a name that starts with E was so they could keep the EE logo.

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That’s good. I figured that they renamed the team with something that started with an “E” to keep the original logo and merchandise.