Elks, Ticats Injury Reports: Grymes limited on Sunday

TORONTO — The Edmonton Elks have submitted their first injury report of the week ahead of their matchup against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

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If the elk don’t win this one they might as well change their name again. How about elfs , or elves although they probably would use the incorrect version if history is anything to go by.


How about the Edmonton Escorts? By definition, an Escort offers companionship and is paid to spend time with the client.


As part elf, I strongly object.


Geez who wants to be the team to lose to a bunch of Elks ? It can’t be Hamilton … if Cats lose this one they would have to officially change their name to the Hamilton Pussy Cats so thinking the Black and Gold guys wanna stay as the Tiger Cats. Elks get eaten by the Cats!

Maybe it will end in a tie they both get a point

I’d like to see their cheerleaders!


I am a Bomber fan, not Esks…but still, I watch all the games. In my opinion, they need to get Brown more heavily involved. Run it 15+ times…and another 4-5 catches out of the backfield. They need to take the heat off og the QB position. I think Cornelius is an OK QB…but they NEED the run game so he can buy some more time back there. Just my 2 cents worth…

Elks actually played well vs Sask both times. I am in the minority and won’t wager on this game but I think the Elks can finally win at home, given that Hamilton has a short week. Remember-Ottawa lost Masoli and a QB played with almost no experience, and nearly tied the Ticats on the last few plays.

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Where’s the damn general game thread less than an hour before the game?

Wow have they not fixed this?!

We used to get like four or five of them and that overkill for the moderators and admins of course, but now on any given night, nothing from the system automatically for the forum. C’mon now!

I was wondering where it was as well. Why don’t you start one.

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