Elks take DL J-Min Pelley, Stamps take T.J. Rayam in Supplemental Draft

TORONTO — The Edmonton Elks and Calgary Stampeders were both active in the 2022 CFL Supplemental Draft, taking a pair of defensive linemen, with the Elks taking  d-tackle J-Min Pelley and the Stampeders taking T.J. Rayam. Both clubs surrendered their 2023 second round picks in the CFL Draft for their respective players.

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Awesome sauce! A nice exclamation point towards a productive off-season for Edmonton. As reported on in a previous article, J-Min Pelley would have been a top 3 pick in the regular draft. The Elks now have a 6’6’’, 320lb behemoth paired along with the 6’6’’, 312lb Cole Nelson to plug up the middle of their defense and eat up lots of space! Their run defense should be much improved this season. Excited to see what pans out after training camp and pre-season!

As soon as I saw the name Rayam I figured that it was a son of Thomas. He played tackle for a number of clubs, starting in either Winnipeg or Shreveport. I think he played in Edmonton too. If I recall, Thomas was a really big dude - looong arms.

Was Thomas Rayam also part of a controversial trade? Winnipeg had traded someone to Shreveport for 'future considerations' and the worst kept secret was that those considerations were the same player to be sent back at the end of the year. Basically, the Bombers were using the Pirates as a farm team to stash a player or two while they developed. I think Rayam was one of those guys but don't recall exactly.

Boom! Like that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Interesting. Didn't know that. :astonished: