Elks storm back to defeat Als for 2nd win of season

MONTREAL — The Edmonton Elks completed a fourth-quarter comeback to defeat the Montreal Alouettes 32-31 on Thursday night at Percival Molson Memorial Stadium.

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And now Squishy doesn’t have don his paper bag again. All is well with the universe. :smiley: :+1:

I’ll have to ask Squishy if I can borrow it for my trip next week to BC to see the Cats play those Lions .


This is probably the bag in question (I think it’s hilarious):


Ask away. If the Elks keep winning he won’t need it anymore.

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Well I got my wish for an entertaining game. I'll even give up a couple of aggregate points in the pool happily. The East is cursed, I don't know why or by whom, but it's a doozy.

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On a scale on 1 to 10 this game rated a 0.9

I always find it entertaining watching a team build a huge lead, start to party, choke on their own vomit, fall down, hit their head on the curb, & lay helpless as their opponent slaps them silly. Now that’s entertainment. Much better than any blow out. Unless you’re an Als fan, of course.


I burnt it…should have taken it off first but c’est la vie…

Winnipeg is here next week…and then a bye week at last. Would sure be nice to have 4 or 5 guys off the 6 game back for next week.

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You burnt it with Winnipeg next? Now that’s confidence.

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Be realistic - if we just show up and play decently - it’s enough. A W against W is a bit of a pipe dream at this point. Just don’t want a repeat of Harris’s last game here last year.

Gonna miss tonight’s watch thread. Being forced to go to a birthday thing. Wife says I have to go. I told her I could blow the candles out with a really long straw but got “the look”. So the PVR is set…

Watching the game today and it’s funny how much time Maciocia spends all by himself on the sidelines.

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True, losing to the defending champs is no shame unless it’s a blow out, & let’s hope EE has got that out of their system. Things are looking up for EE, you would be first in the East, & are only 2 points behind my Lions (yikes).

When your done Bobo, pass it over here please.



Some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug. At least you’re not alone so far this year in blowing a big lead. The Als are better than what their record shows.

For some teams…like the Riders, life gets tough after this week. After Touchdown Atlantic their only other East game is Hamilton in Week 18. Calgary has a couple more than the Riders and Winnipeg has the same. Elks still have a bunch of east games left as we have only played Hamilton and MTL.

The more weeks the EE can field mostly the same squad the better they seem to play. Just too many guys on the 6 game. If we could get Ceresna and Grymes back for next week I think we could hang in there.

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Last night - a Big bug :wink:

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What has got to be frustrating is its the same thing as in Toronto, and at Calgary. they can’t seem to finish games…


Will do Tony .

I’ll promise to try and not crease it when I put it in my carryon for the flight home .

Ah do not worry about creases Bobo. Adds to the look :wink:

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The nearest town next to me has banned plastic bags so paper bags are back big time. I wonder if they had this use in mind?