Elks stay focused despite weather delay to break losing streak

HAMILTON — Quarterback Tre Ford was eager to get the job done as he waited two hours in the locker room for a chance to get in the win column.

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Good to see Elk fans finally have a ray of sunshine to bask in. Better days ahead one hopes, excepting of course when they play the Lions. We like wild game too much.


Not only was Ford’s focus good, but Ford"s tempo was such that Ford’s escape from the pocket was amazing. Ford was definitely the edge that the Elks needed.

Congratulations Edmonton.


Arising tide lifts all boats…A locker room leader - that guy that says - come on - I know the way…changes a lot. defence was better, offence was better, there was life on the bench…

My sincerities to Hamilton fans but letting Dunbar get away was a mistake…


I very much enjoyed watching the Elks/Cats game. Iam not an Elks fan at all but I very much wanted to see them win this one. For 3 reasons. Firstly, they are a better team over all than perceived. Secondly, being 0-9 has got to sting. And lastly, parity is good for the league.
The Elks came flying out of the gate but then…they got a stupid 13 men on the field penalty. I thought, here we go again. But they recovered.
Tre Ford was on a mission, racking up running yards on his own. Nothing conservative about his play! The Elk’s D players played as a unit and with determination I’ve not seen very often.
This had to be a sweet victory for the Elks. And they did it in the home team’s back yard. Extra sweet!

With Ford at the helm and the guys playing with more confidence and with purpose
they have turned the corner. Their next game is at home. Edmonton fans have much to look forward to. I don’t think they will be disappointed.