Elks, Stamps supplemental

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I like Glen Suitor, but why does he always have to talk about Zoom calls?
He must've prefaced his comments five or six times with "I talked to (fill in the blank) on a zoom call."
Very annoying!

So refreshing having a guy like Maier that takes onus on himself when he plays bad and credits the team for when they play well. Bo on the other hand would blame the team for the firat half performance...

The TSN turning point took place in the 3rd quarter with the Stamps blocked punt from Elks punter Jon Ryan. :face_with_peeking_eye: One play later Maier tossed a dart to Reggie Begelton in the corner of the endzone to extend the Stamps lead too 22-8. :bangbang: The Stamps have now won 9 out of the last 10 Labour Day Classics, after losing to the Elks last year-2021 :bangbang:

Maybe he is amazed by the technology?

Wants to show he is “up to date with technology “. He is also on the Twitter. :innocent:

Maybe, but I wish he'd stop it.
It bugs the hell out of me :rage:
Its nearly as bad as when Rod Black would ALWAYS mention the NFL connections to CFL players.
Every time Hamilton played, and Rod did the play by play, he'd tell us that Luke's dad, Steve played in the NFL.
No matter how accomplished Luke Tasker was as one of the Tiger-cats' best receivers, he ALWAYS had to remind us about dear old dad! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: