Elks sign versatile American QB Ivory Durham

EDMONTON – The Edmonton Elks have signed American quarterback Ivory Durham.

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Another guy in the Ford, Taylor mold with similar skills. More compact than Ford.

When will someone in Edmonton wise up and embarrass them into changing that incredibly stupid team name?

My only issue with the name is that "Elks" is the name of a men's social club. The plural term for a bunch of powerful and aggressive animals is ELK, just like moose and deer, no final s.
What do you want for a different name?

Actually we went through this on another thread not long ago. Elks is also an acceptable plural usage of elk. See link below.


I just don’t want to go down this rabbit hole again.

My name suggestion would be... THE EDMONTON ESKIMOS!
I ran into longtime radio play by play voice, Bryan Hall and he agreed. He said "they lost A LOT of fans because of that name change.

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Every time I see the word "Elks" I have to shake my head at the stupidity of it, whoever signed off on it should be fired on the spot.

I would really like to see the renamed as the Eddimonton Roughyriders. Note:. They would also have to rename the city of Edmonton to better reflect a more fluffy nature of their city and team.

Of course it doesn't matter that they haven't won a home game since 2019. It HAS to be the new name!