Elks sign QB Dakota Prukop

EDMONTON – Dakota Prukop is headed to Edmonton.

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Darn ! Was Afraid Dakota would sign with a team in the West. Wish him luck but not during the Labour Day weekend.

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He is pretty useless - 4th string QB. Next.

Well I’ll take him though I don’t know how they are going to stash and shuffle four of them on the roster.

And if you are a Stamps fan typing that too, well your comment is more useless than the sour grapes you are obviously chomping out loud.

No. I'm an Argos guy. And yes they were brutal the last 2 years and Prukop was part of the brutality - the few times he played he was just awful, more awful, and then even worse - you can have him - totally useless. So no sour grapes here - you will see (if he even plays).

Well okay - no sense arguing about 3rd string, more than likely if that, given we still have 4 showing so I have no idea how that shakes out first.