Elks sign QB Cardale Jones, J.T. Barrett moves to retired list

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Elks have inked former Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones, the Club announced Friday.

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Bad break for Barrett. Looks like things are getting clearer re: Tre Ford.


That's too bad! Really wanted to see what Barrett could do (he can return for 2023). Well, with 8 QBs at training camp - I guess we'll see what shakes out - any predictions?

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Elks REALLY don't want Arbuckle, I can see him in BC in the near future

I have not seen that the Elks have signed Ford as yet. From what I understood he had signed with and was invited to a Ravens mini camp.

When you think about it he makes a great fit in a Lamar Jackson style offence. Won't matter though. Coming from Canada they will put him on the practice squad for a couple years at least anyway.

Hopefully the Elks can make a pitch that he accepts and he comes here to play and he doesn't waste the best years of his career hanging around in practice squads in the NFL.

What makes you say that? BC I think is ready to go ahead with their two Canadian Rookies regardless.

I think Edmonton is going to have a real old fashioned training camp rather than the "this is our guy" crap that lead them down the rabbit hole last year. There are a lot of guys coming to camp this year and they all know Jones is looking for the best athlete for each position, what you did in the past is exactly that, in the past.

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McLeod Bethel-Thompson hung around on practice squads forever and has still managed to produce a decent few years in the CFL.

I assume with Ford the question would be whether he has a chance at being the starting QB, or if he is projected as backup and/or forced to switch positions, because if It's the latter then won't he make more immediate money on an NFL practice squad?


Sure. Practice squads are the NFL answer to making Canadian talent and skills irrelevant. Sign up and get paid great but never play football. Swallow up a ton of talent and play keep away with any other league as far as talent is concerned.

Until the day you tell your grandkids you played professional football and they ask how many touchdowns did you score? If you are Brandon Zylstra you can say One before they walk away thinking you couldn't be that good a player.....


Not really. Ferguson said when Ford was drafted that the Elks had their backup QB. Hopefully he's signed & I'd agree with that. My own personal opinion is keep Arbuckle. Rumour has it 6'5" Beaudry is being looked at as a TE. I find that a tough one to believe but there you go. If they could end up with Arbuckle, Cornelius & Ford to start the season IMO that's the way to go. Every camp has a couple or 3 American hotshot QB's brought in but most don't pan out.

I really don't have any idea how it will eventually shake out. :sunglasses:

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I hope Cornelius sticks for sure. That first game he was throwing balls past guys because they were not ready for how fast the ball was coming at them. He had to back it down some to get completions after that. But sadly we never took advantage of that arm by stretching the field. I think if you stretch the field with him throwing - it's going to make things tough for defences.

Arbuckle I'm not sure about. He has talent there is no arguing that. But 153 total pass attempts isn't a big enough sample size to judge how that talent works on the field. There is also a lot more to a QB than what we see on the field. Was there some reason other than bonuses that triggered the trade last season?


On the question of Tre Ford in Baltimore, my understanding was it was only an invite to this weekend’s rookie camp. The team actually signed Oregon QB Anthony Brown Jr. as a UDFA. Ford might be signed, or maybe was only brought in as a camp arm. Who knows?

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All these QBs and none of them are as good as Trevor Harris.


I didn't see the details of the deal, just that he was invited to a mini camp.

We have the rookie QB coach in Mcadoo to help bring him along so I hope if he signs we use him wisely.

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I’d have to agree with that statement.

Move Jones to retired too - they both suck at the pro level like almost any given quarterback from Ohio State whatever the achievement and credentials in college ball especially given all the watered-down competition and corruption at that program for decades now