Elks sign OL David Foucault to two-year extension

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Elks announced on Monday that the team has signed National offensive lineman David Foucault to a two-year extension.

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Except for a game or two where he took too many penalties I didn't hear much about Foucault so he must have been pretty good.

Slightly surprised about Watson but considering he was outright cut in Montreal, I guess he had some other issues.

I'm also surprised about Watson. Questions, questions. My next question is are we going to see Wilder again, given Brown's excellent showing? :thinking:

Haven't heard if he's getting the surgery needed to get back on the field again. He needed back and neck surgery from what I understood.

Watson has some problems we are not seeing. Cut twice with no comment isn't good. Too bad. He seems to be a skilled player.

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