Elks sign Nick Arbuckle through 2022 season

EDMONTON – Nick Arbuckle has signed a one-year contract extension with the Edmonton Elks.

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Looks like a desperation move to try and get some people into the stands.

Got to rebuild. He has a bit more experience than Cornelius and has had the benefit of learning the game in the Calgary organization.

Harris could not make it work in Edmonton. Good receivers. What happenend?

I just saw the injury report for the Elks, wow, who is left to play this weekend? Everyones hurt!

Glad that it seems that Arbuckle has landed a potential starting QB job, Not a Esks fan just a Stamps fan so too bad the job is in Edmonton. But I do hope he actually gets a chance to show his talent. So far, after Calgary, he has been treated like an undeserved bad penny. Flipped between 3 different teams without any real time to showcase what he has, Good luck Nic

Elks will be resting a bunch as they go into the 4 game in 22 day cauldron. Some may just getting the day off. We'll see how it goes. Arbuckle won't help much at this point.

My guess is Trevor Harris is tremendously overrated. Of course, I thought the same of Collaros until he got to the Peg.

Based on the fact that the Elks have not Won a game since Labour Day-Week 5. I am happy to see that Nick Arbuckle has signed with the Elks for the 2022 season. Perhaps Nick can start in Week 14 :question:-they must run the table for their very slim playoff hopes. :innocent: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: