Elks sign DL Jordan Reaves

EDMONTON — Jordan Reaves (DL) has signed with the Edmonton Elks, the club announced Tuesday.

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Willard’s son!

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Bad luck on the injuries hope he is going to make the roster for the bombers. Hate to see a guy out of pro sports with injuries like that.

Any relation to the New York Rangers’ enforcer Ryan Reaves?

Yup, Ryan’s little brother.
Many years ago I assisted coach pop Warner football, Ryan was our Star player. Eventually Willard took over the my position, I became manager. We also had Chris Walby’s son Brandon on our team.

Dan’s son Cody Huclack played for the Broncos.

Grizzlies vs Broncos was like a mini Bombers alumni.

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HA! HA! HA! I see Chris Jones, unlike the other teams , is going for Quantity rather than Quality. He already has 100 players on his roster and still hasn't done the Draft yet, whereas most other teams have 70 - 75. Ottawa the other loser last year has over 80. There are going to be a lot of very disappointed players leaving Edmonton come May 17/22 (Cut down day)


I suspect Chris Jones has convinced every one of his “signings” that they will make the final cut. Its gonna be an interesting training camp in Elkland. . . . I wonder how big an illegal taxi squad Jones can convince Edmonton ownership to finance!

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