Elks sign DL Jake Ceresna to a two-year extension

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Elks have signed American defensive lineman Jake Ceresna to a two-year contract extension, the club announced on Wednesday.

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Meanwhile the front office twiddles while Rider nation burns.

Given other contracts out there Ceresna has to be getting $200,000, CFL All Star and all.

For sure. Worth every penny. In 33 games with the Elks, has 23 sacks. Those are huge #'s for a DT - on bad teams, no less. Gave lot of credit to Jones. Breakout season. but been under the radar the past couple of seasons.

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Good for the Elks.

Great signing by Chris Jones! This guy will be a mainstay on defense.

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Jake needs a lot more help on Elks d line.

Thank god they got that done....been waiting to hear that news since the end of the season.

Jake's a one man wrecking crew.

Don't worry. I think a lot of GM's are waiting to see what market value is for some players before making an offer.
With so many free agents I think there will be more than a few bargains out there this year,