Elks sign American WR Martavis Bryant

EDMONTON β€” Martavis Bryant (WR) is now a member of the Green and Gold, the Edmonton Elks announced on Monday.

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I understand that teams need to have competition at every position and sufficient depth to compete over the course of the season, but why does Chris Jones consistently bring in way more players than he could possibly need. Do we really need 15 or so receivers to compete for 4 or 5 positions?

If Bowman & Arcenaux end up as starting receivers there … love to see how that works out for genius in his own mind Jones.

Will Bryant even show up. He didn't come to play for the Argos, he instead went ot play in an indoor football league. I'm surprised that he wasn't taken in the recent USFL draft

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Hopefully not. But in football you never know. Too many teams have been hurt in recent years because there was no next man up. I think its great having lots of guys in camps and mini camps. It’s not just competition, it’s guys you can call up if you have injury problems.

You hit the nail on the head Squishy21 - - it’s called the off-season and then training camp for a reason. You bring in players and have them compete – more often than not the best rise to the top – the others either fill out the bottom of the roster (backups or special teams), are moved to the 12-man practice squad, or they are cut altogether. Chris Jones is making sure there will be competition at every position this year!

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