Elks sign American quarterback Malik Henry

EDMONTON – The Edmonton Elks have signed American quarterback Malik Henry, the club announced Friday.

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Many quarterbacks in camp pushing each other and looking for our third quarterback, including for often Team Jumbo - I like it!


Yeah sure, keep dreaming that Jones isn’t going to make a complete mess of the whole thing.

Wow. Way too much negativity for me, I think it looks brighter than last year.


Jones has an aversion to Canadians period.
Is the Elk Canuk QB on notice ???

I just saw the news, I’m an indoor football fan and wanted to see when the Carolina Cobras season started.

I understand that we want to see more Canadian QB’s, but in this case I’m glad, I watched his season at LCU and I think he could have had a better future playing baseball but his father almost forced him to play football.

I would like to see him make the final roster and see some action.

the funny thing is that we will have 2 Maliks Henry in the CFL.


Since the rule change to “must dress three QB’s” most teams are keeping at least 4 QB’s on the roster because if someone gets hurt - you still gotta dress three.

That and it wouldn’t be the smartest thing to have Ford running the 3rd and short offence either…


Can they not dedignste any player they want want as a QB?
By they, I mean any team. Let’s say two QBs go down can they just not say this guy who is a receiver right now, well we are gonna try him out as as a QB and see how it goes

You used to be able to have a receiver or whatever you could use as “emergency QB” but not any more. (unless all three QB’s get hurt)

You have to dress three guys designated as QB’s on your roster for every game.


And I like this better now at last as well given that all that can and will go wrong in time with only two real quarterbacks on game day, plus also one should save some mileage earlier in the season on the starter more often in those Team Jumbo situations and in any uncommon garbage time (i.e. no lead is safe and all that).

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