Elks sign American DB Louchiez Purifoy

EDMONTON — Just a few days after his release from the BC Lions, Louchiez Purifoy has found a new home.

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Yes - so long as Purifoy is in the same physical shape or better at camp, he's a solid player. BC's loss.

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Why would the Lions release Purifoy? He was a pretty good player last year! Anyway BC's loss is Chris Jones Gain. MAYBE!!!

Why do they continue to congest the board with CFL.caNews threads when there are already other threads discussing the same topics

Sort of a duh....pickup. All star, very good back.

As interesting is the other Signing Kai Grey who last year recorded 50 tackles, 4 forced fumbles, 7 knockdowns. He also previously played at San Houston and Rutgers.

The league wanted more traffic to its site so they did this a couple years back. Every CFL.ca story automatically generates its own thread here.

So kind of like Twitter posting to its own forums to make it appear busier than it is.

twitter doesn’t have forums.

I stand corrected

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Maybe due to unaffordable contract. And maybe for up coming bonus, and for being 30 years old. It happens all the time.

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Louchiez Purifoy was released because in 2022, the Lions rather have Emmanuael Rugamba at SAM. Last season, the team had no other place to put him in the secondary other than at Safety. A veteran American at Safety is not how you want to allocate your ratio and cap money. With the Lions having a Canadian at QB last year, having an American Safety was tolerable. Now in 2023 with the Lions will likely have an American at QB, they will probably have a Canadian at Safety.

Interestingly, the 2 positions Purifoy played most at in 2022 (Safety and SAM) were both occupied by Canadians in Edmonton last year. Chris Jones is going to have to make a decision if his ratio changes.


Bombers seem committed to Brandon Alexander as their starting Safety and have already released Malcom Thompson who played well early on.

Agree with your comments in general.

In his first stint in Edmonton, a lot of what Jones had to work with were remnants of what Tillman was building and I believe he credited that as part of the reason they won that year. Because as he said, he never had to make a decision about who to play because of the ratio as he had enough Canadian's playing it was never an issue.

He seems to be building with that in mind this time around as well.

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Wally Buono once was going to cut Purifoy, but he remarked he was such a good player that he had to find a way to keep him, and he did.

All things being about even physically, the skilled guy in the right position is worth multiples the rookie or relatively untested.

Skilled guys also have what some know as "game speed," as in in real action they are faster than say in a workout because they just know where to be far more of the time and the adrenaline when it's really on the line kicks in as well.

With a rookie or the untested, however great they look in workouts and practice, you do not know what they will deliver for real until tested and it can be a crapshoot unlike with an experienced and skilled player.

Purifoy would be an upgrade over Konar or Makonzo and could also be used in specialty packages like second and long.

Experience as a returner could also help.

You can not be serious........when Makonzo played last year we recorded the lowest yards against on the ground we did all year.
And Konar won awards for his play last year PLUS he has the skill to play more positions than Purifoy.

Purifoy will likely play but is likely as useful in coaching the young players.


I like Konar. He reminds me of Larry Wruck but if it wasn't for Chris Jones he would not be in the league. I would like him to play more and get better but I think what you see is what you get. His forte may be special teams imo.

Edmonton was pounded by the run on a few occasions last year and maybe more to do with the MLB than Konar but he was part of it.

The only reason I say Purifoy is an upgrade over Makonzo is experience and not to do with ability.

Purifoy played with Ed Gainey also so I can see him fitting in. Don't think you will be disappointed.

Watching the highlights of the Elks last game and seeing Purifoy run out with his Pennywise mask on may have been the distraction that struck a nerve with Rick Campbell.

this. i’ve watched Purifoy a lot over the years and while still an effective player, his career is on the downward trajectory. he will be excellent for depth because of how many positions he can play.

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I'll have some of what you are smoking please......He started playing as a back up player and 4 games later they couldn't afford to take him off the field. Plus hes Canadian on top of it all. The last management shipped him to BC and he came back this season and played every position he was asked to. Konar was far better with Makonzo playing in the middle because he didn't have to cheat to help stop the run all the time and could play his own position.

The one guy we could afford to cut at any time is gone - Carter. Probably responsible for more losses himself than anyone else on the team.

Yup, that's where I see him fitting in, as a role player in specific situations. We get Grymes back next season too and Appalon (hopefully) and a few others that missed most or all of the season PLUS if you noticed the Elks have hired coaches. They didn't let any go - they just couldn't afford more under the cap last year because we were still paying the tennis coach from the year before.

Purify used to be a returner as well I believe. Since the unfortunate incident with our last one we do need one.


So you are not excited about 30 yr old Louchiez Purifoy who was an All Star last year but you think 32 yr old Aaron Grymes is going to come back and be an impact player after missing the entire 2022 season.

Maybe I should be smoking some of yours.