Elks shake off daunting draught in final game

The Edmonton Elks were a team that was haunted by streaks in 2023. One by one, through a very trying season, the club managed to put most of them to bed.

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4 wins on the season dead last in the West and yet some Elk fans claim to in better shape than the Riders and the Stamps.
I just do not see that logic sorry

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I think it’s home-grown phenom Tre Ford’s rise to CFL stardom that has Elks fans pumped. Nothing else has changed. The off-season should draw lots of interest in Alberta (Stamps fans are thinking ‘uh oh’). I can see a groundswell of support coming from formerly disgruntled season ticket holders already.

This week no one’s threatened to burn their renewal notices. :grinning: :+1:


Part of it is you want to watch your home team compete. Regardless of results this season, had we played Ford from the beginning - they may still be playing.

We recognize though - this is a young team. As they gain experience - they are getting better.

Success with a rebuild isn’t automatic or instant. But there’s no reason to think the Elks won’t be better yet next season. They have drafted really well and the back end of the defence was better by far than last season.

Plug a few holes and they should be competitive next season.


This site is in bad need of an editor.

Draught is pronounced draft, as in a type of beer. Drought is the word you’re looking for in the headline.

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