Elks send Mike Moore to Als for Tony Washington, Martese Jackson

EDMONTON – The Edmonton Elks have acquired veteran offensive lineman Tony Washington and running back Martese Jackson from the Montreal Alouettes in exchange for defensive lineman Mike Moore.

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Seems like C. Jones is trying to repeat everything he had some success with in the past. Bringing back and surrounding himself with the same coaches and players. Will this work for a second time? I guess we all will find out when the season begins. But in my opinion, anyone afraid of change is likely doomed to be left behind.

No, not really. Chris Jones has hired TWO assistant coaches from the previous regime (2015):

Stephen McAdoo – Offensive coordinator
Jarious Jackson - Pass game coordinator and Quarterbacks’ coach

New additions:
Anthony Vitale - Offensive line coach (new hire)
Brandon Isaac - Defensive backs’ coach (new hire)

Returning from last year:
Demetrious Maxie - Defensive line coach
Cam Robinson - Linebackers’ coach

Regarding recent player additions, Tony Washington (played for Edmonton in 2015) is a 12-year vet in the CFL trenches – solid player and strong leader. Martese Jackson (played for Edmonton in 2018 and 2019) is a reserve running back and special teams ace with 4477 yards in kickoff and punt returns – in 4 CFL seasons.

In summation, TWO coaches and ONE player from the previous Grey Cup winning team in Edmonton (2015). Last I checked, a CFL roster has 46 players on it – so he is hardly surrounding himself with the same coaches and players from 6 years ago.

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There is no such word as "Elks"!

First, good trade for both teams. I'm not sold on Martese & was surprised they dropped Williams. But they have a young guy named Saxelid who has played both tackle spots & guard & will IMO eventually be their starting LT. He did it for 6 games in '19 after Rogers, then Draheim, then O'Donnell went down & they still led the CFL in fewest sacks allowed by a pretty good margin. Ottawa gets Moore to team up again with Sewell. Those 2 were your ALL-STAR DT's in 2019. Moore is a tweener who has played both DE & DT pretty well - a little light @ 269 for DT & heavy for DT. But averaging 6 sacks per 18 game season. Only 28. Trade surprised me but you can bet Jones is going bigger @ DT with their inability to stop the run.
Secondly, unlike some clubs the Elks need some veteran presence. Washington means they can give Saxelid another year or play him @ Guard. They have only 7 guys over 30 right now on the roster. Of those 2 are kickers, Rempel is a LS & they've already acquired a younger guy & 1 is a Global WR. So that makes 3 players on their starting 24 over 30. Granted they are going to sign some of their own free agents who are technically still Elks till February. I fully expect Jones will go after some more ex-players. Should they hit free agency IMO Lacey, Judge & McCoil are 3 guys I can think of on defence that are on Jones radar near the top of the list. I'm not big on getting players over 33, QB's & kickers excepted, but if Washington gives them 1 good year it's a plus. We'll see.

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Minor correction. Moore & Sewell were the West All-Stars in '19. Moore was also all-Cdn. Sewell was selected to CFLPA all-Cdn team. In short, Als probably got a really good player who had an off year.

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Pantsonfire - - appreciate the synopsis of Edmonton’s current situation. I too believe they brought in Tony Washington to stabilize and provide mentorship to the younger guys. As this article points out, Edmonton also signed a young Canadian offensive lineman Nicholas Summach, a 6 foot 8 inch, 335lb 2020 draft pick, who Chris Jones wants to plug into the middle. As coach Jones has said many times, most games are won or lost in the trenches, controlling the line of scrimmage - - so you can clearly see his focus during the early stages of rebuilding the roster.

I also agree he will go after some veterans who have played with him before in free agency if/when they become available. We’ll just have to see how free agency and the draft play out. Too many moving parts to guarantee anything at this point. Cheers!