Elks send Ceresna to Argos for Gittens Jr.

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts and Edmonton Elks have completed a trade, the teams announced on Monday.

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Wow. Stunner. Ceresna was a 2022 All-Star @ DT & a 2023 3DN 1st team All-Star @ DE. This has McBeth’s fingerprints all over it. Assuming the Argos re-sign Hendrix, they have the best DT’s in the league. Put him with the just signed Orimolade @ DE & they have the best DE’s in the league. Gittens really isn’t a necessity in TO. Big, big trade.


I couldn’t agree more. Huge trade.

Might be that one or both of these guys weren’t going to sign with their respective teams so this way at least the team gets something out of it.

Neither a Argos or Elks fan but this indeed as others mentioned came as a stunner. One thing for sure, these are two very talented players (in their respective position) and should do really well with their new team.


Both are signed for this year. Listening to a couple of ex-players, they both say getting a VG CDN receiver in his prime is a win for the Elks. But the Argos have a guy like Nield who they believe can pick up the production lost by Gittens. I like Ceresna a lot but maybe the Elks are looking at picking up an older guy like Oakman. A lot of guys could use him.

So, Elk fans, maybe it’s not as one sided as I believe it to be. Look, Jones was roundly criticized for trading Saxelid, an up & comer OL, & McDonald to Hamilton in 2022 for their 1st round pick (Tre Ford) & 3rd round pick (Adjey), the latter being a LS & good ST’s player. The TiCats duo haven’t panned out yet. So hard to judge this one going forward. Both improved their teams with Gittens slotting into Dunbar’s spot & having a good connection with McBeth.

Great move by the Elks - they certainly got the best of this deal.

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I just read today’s headline article about Tre Ford developing better skills when MBT arrivers and that Jones referred to MBT as “the consummate professional!??” Now, I appreciate that everyone is entitled to their own opinion - BUT let’s get serious. The last quality MBT displayed while he yelled at and pushed Coach Dinwiddie, during the 2022 Eastern Final, is professionalism. Tre Ford will perform better if he is told to do his own thing and to ignore MBT. What that article told me is that Jones may not be up to the job or that he has an very unrealistic grasp of what MBT can do as their QB.

Just something to note;

Looks like the Argos have signed the player whose rights they acquired, running back Khalan Laborn.