Elks see a season of possibilities after home win

EDMONTON — Chris Jones got a Gatorade bath. Jake Ceresna spoke of curses being lifted. Punter, the Edmonton Elks’ mascot, appeared to perform makeshift snow angels on the turf at Commonwealth Stadium while TSN interviewed Elks players. Quarterback Tre Ford spoke of the playoffs.

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Huge opertunity for the Elk in the next few games to be right in the thick of a playoff game.
Two wins back to back vs Cowtown and they can be surpassed and a real possibility to be within striking range of the Green rivals, depending how well it how poorly the Rides do vs the Bombers.
I think the Elk are looking better than the Stamps and possibly better than the Riders too

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Amazing to see what good QB play combined with solid defence can do for a team

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Ottawa was mostly flat except during the 4th quarter. You can’t expect to win when you play like that.

Any opinion of where Edmonton would be if the Jones-Cornelius love fest had been terminated many, many weeks ago?

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The rest of the team was not as good back then as they are now … yes the new QB helps but the team as a whole is much better now … this improvement is not 100 percent because of just the Change at QB

IMHO they’d have probably won their games against Hamilton (week 6) and Saskatchewan (week 5) which would’ve left three teams in log jam… Saskatchewan, Calgary and Edmonton for third place in the West going into the Labour Day Classic.

yes the elks are looking better with ford at quarterback i think they will make the playoffs they will either play bc in the western semi final or at the very least cross over to play in the eastern semi final.

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