Elks, Riders looking to bounce back in series finale

REGINA β€” The Edmonton Elks and the Saskatchewan Roughriders will kickoff Week 15 with a Friday Night Football matchup from Mosaic Stadium.

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If Sask loses this one the fans will be wearing paper bags (or potato sacks) instead of watermelons, & any shot of moving higher than 4th will be a pipe dream. Not what they hoped for hosting the Grey Cup. They should win, I've picked them in the poll, but I suspect it might be a tight game.


The guys from Edmonton are playing for their jobs.
The guys from Saskatchewan know their coach won't pull the trigger and cut them.

Riders are better on paper, let's see how motivation affects the game.


I totally agree with what you say but have this nagging feeling that Edmonton is just too terrible right now. To me they don’t seem to be improving one bit.

I feel that EDM will be looking to play spoiler for the rest of the year. They KNOW that they will not win all 5 of their next games (SSK,MTL, Win, TO, BC) and one loss (and a Rider win) and they are done. They may be playing for their jobs but that means they will be trying to showcase themselves and not necessarily playing for the team. They will be playing loose and fast. That might make them more dangerous but they might also start to "mail it in". The first quarter will tell. The Riders on the other hand NEED to get things going again. I expect them to be energized and out to win in a big way. They only have 2 games left that they should be the favourite in. Those 2 wins (if they get them) could be huge.