Elks release wide receiver Steven Dunbar Jr.

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Elks announced on Wednesday that they have released American wide receiver Steven Dunbar Jr.

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Could his next destination be Ottawa?

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And, there’s still no such thing as an elks.

Elk Team had to release Dunbar because his guaranteed wages and especially his off season bonus was a problem with the Elk Cap.
Don’t be surprised if QB Cornelius is next on the chopping list. Same reason.


So ? Do Dunbar and Cornelius come back later ?

I seriously doubt Chris Jones will offer them even close to the same contract.

He can’t afford them now, he certainly can’t later, as he has others to sign

They don’t want a lower contract so will seek another team and try for the best they can.

Jones screwed Dunbar out of $65, 000 off season bonus with this firing. So no loyalty towards Jones.

Cornelius hasn’t been let go yet, but Jones is trying to get Bethal-Tompson.

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If Jones doesn’t have a commitment from Bethel Thompson before Jan 15 then Cornelius is released. He could be back for a lot less but with Evans retired & a bunch of teams looking for backups, he’s probably going to land somewhere. He’s a good 3rd down guy at least.

They can’t keep him if McBeth comes aboard. But, as I’ve said, IMO McBeth would rather play out East & I can see Hamilton as a possible destination moreso than Ottawa out there. We’ll see pretty quick what’s going down.

As for Dunbar, I feel for the guy but do the Elks need him? IMO I’d re-sign Moore who led the league in YAC. He was underused last year. Surprised me how good he was.

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Nothing wrong with Steven, only the money was the issue. Elks were struggling with the costs of firing coaches, GM, CEO. Qb Corn will likely also be released

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All other CFL teams release players before bonus pay outs.


Steven Dunbar Jr still has a lot of football to play :wink:, the Elks departure will be another teams gain with this gifted and versatile receiver :100: :exclamation:

Yes that sometimes happens with most if not all teams.

But it doesn’t make it right to promise a bonus to get a player to sign, then renege on that promise

just before they have to pay it.

I was just stating Dunbar shouldn’t have any loyalty to Jones after that move.

Jones is not done yet. A good source is reporting Cornelius is gone too. That is not a surprise either. Is that a sign that they are close to signing Bethel-Thompson?

Jones has $350K to pay in bonuses so with Dunbar & now Cornelius gone, he sheds $165K. Cornelius makes sense if they need money to sign McBeth but he wasn’t going to start anyway. Dunbar? Well the other bonuses owing are Lewis 75K, Ceresna 50K, Hutter & Konar with small bonuses. If it comes down to choices you don’t want to clear off Lewis or Ceresna. Like it or not, it’s a business. Bo Levi was promised a lot more money & has restructured for a big hair cut in Hamilton.