Elks release total of 11 players out of bye week

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Elks have released six players from the practice roster, four players from the active roster, and one from the suspended list.

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Oh well some overhaul is in progress, and I am not surprised and some of these guys have hardly played if at all.

Maybe Holley was let go due to his key drops?

Jon Ryan is a good addition on two fronts, for he frees up a spot for another American on special teams plays when another national is not selected or available for the position.


Holley was 6 of 11 vs. Bombers and if you saw the post game with the coach he wasn't impressed with all the drops that game. Receiver Jones was very unimpressive and not enough of a threat to warrant double coverage which meant teams could double Manny. Badie impressed as much as Fletcher before him and the rest had just sort of made their way from team to team so far this season trying out except McKever who got a chance at DE.


I feel for the players. Chris Jones’ Recruitment technique? Come play for me but don’t bring more than 5 pairs of underwear, cuz you WILL get cut. Soon.
What a mess.


And that's different from every other team how?

Players are given their opportunities......whether or not they perform is up to them.


Not a fan of all these players released and brought in every single week , not happy Mike Jones being released , how can he show anything when he doesn’t get passes thrown his way

8 of 21 for 100 yards... When you catch 1 of 3, don't expect to see them throw the ball your way much.

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I’m not sure why players say they feel jones is loyal and they like to play for a character like that??
I think he’s crazy. Non stop turnstile of players in and out. And lord help you if you make a mistake or have a tough game. Except if you are Duron carter or a fav from yrs past. Defenses have evolved in the last few yrs and jones style is old now. Consistency is key. Especially in the trenches. Depth is the difference come playoff time.

Chris Jones is a dick, they're just as likely getting cut because they took a drink at the wrong time during practice.

No different than 2016 in Regina. Was a minute away from GC appearance in 2017. Took EFC from 4 wins to 14 in 2014, GC in 2015. He's in a rebuild. Not surprised at all.


Six years? That's quite a comeback after all that time. Welcome back from your slumber, sir.

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I like it - Elks roster now sponsored by Fruit of the Loom . . .

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Who ever said the business of football is fair. :thinking: Chris Jones like him or not knows what it takes to field a competitive football team. Like any sport you must be assessed with "The what have you done for me lately" :question: One bad game can cost a player his job. :exclamation: My Dad always told me "Don't ever think your job is not replaceable" I totally agree with his infinite wisdom. :rofl:


Perhaps Mr. Jones should study the Blue Bombers way of managing a team. GO BLUE!!!

You mean build a team like the O'Shea & Walters duo who are in their 8th year & have finished @ #4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 3, 3 & 1 - took 7 years to get a Cup & now have the oldest team in the league & are staring down a rebuild as early as next year? Jones as HC in Edmonton took over a last place club & finished 2nd, then 1st with a GC in year 2. Rebuilt bottom feeder Riders & was in Eastern Final in year 2. So you want him to study the Bomber way of doing things? LOL :sunglasses:

Perhaps he meant that Jones should strive for building a class organization, no matter how long it takes.

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I also find it funny that Jones is criticized for looking for talent by trying out lots of players. It's how you look for better....

Teams that don't do that.....are in trouble. Funny but its not in the same numbers but Winnipeg is doing the same thing looking to fill holes from injury and get better. At the level they are playing at its one, two, three, a week but you need a rolodex full of guys you can call if you say loose your Centre, and his backup.....

The former management here threw away talent and draft picks (Winnipeg grabbed a bunch of them) and....well, the fact they cut Shawn Lemon should cover how clueless they really were.....

When Jones got here the cupboard was bare. Takes a lot of shopping to fill it up again....


It shouldn't take 30 years, Jon. If you run dry for 3 decades, it isn't class. LOL😎

Maybe he should try the O'day method, hide and do nothing - hope things improve on their own.......

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Hide and do nothing AND get paid handsomely... where do I apply for THAT job? Seriously, I'm a really good hider. And everyone says I have a talent for doing nothing. SIGN ME UP!!!