Elks release three ahead of opener

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Elks announced on Saturday that Americans Kingsley Opara (DL) and DaQuaylyn Thomas (DB) have been released from the roster. Additionally, the Elks have released Canadian Michael Beaudry (QB) from the practice roster.

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Well that's a head scratcher. Your quarterback prospect makes one defensive tackle and you cut him. Based on that logic it's a good thing that Arbuckle didn't miss any field goals or he'd be gone too.

I predict that before next game the water boy will be canned for not catching the mouse hiding under Chris Jones' desk.


Yeah releasing someone who did something good doesnt make sense. Opara being released after his significant injuries does make sense

Well, if you're slotting your QB prospect in on defence, maybe the writing is on the wall for his career as a passer.

On the other hand, the Elks sure could have used someone with the skillset to make one defensive tackle tonight.


Ah... that was the All-Star Defensive Tackle who was let go because of his inability to properly align collated pages before they were sent to the automated stitcher. Like every great pro football manager, Chris Jones has no patience for shoddy stapling.

Headline Today:

Elks release 20 after season opener.


And they've brought him (Beaudry) back to put on the PR, at least for now. Let's see if the Elks D steps up their game knowing that the Canadian QB is waiting in the wings to take their jobs.