Elks release receiver Kenny Stafford

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Elks have released receiver Kenny Stafford.

The move was announced Wednesday morning, as the club continues to trim its roster ahead of the upcoming 2021 season.

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This is disappointing. I was so pumped he came back but, if coach says he doesn't fit, he doesn't fit. That's the way she goes boys. He must have been out there swearing too much haha

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I'm sure that some team will pick him up, the Elk released Rodney Smith too but picked up by the Argos

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He's Duron Carter's cousin, must be something in the genes.

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Aaaahhhhh haha, must be eh. Attitude to match the talent. That's a shame (Jerry Seinfeld voice)

Yup, good pick up for the Argos too. They're looking pretty good on paper eh, I'd love to see every team in the east be competitive like the west is perennially lol

The guy is a mediocre so so receiver at best . His 2 best seasons he was a 700+ yd receiver and he has never topped the 1000 yd mark in 7 seasons played . Those were also the only two years where he played a full season .

His other 5 seasons he was in single digits for games played except the 2014 season when he dressed for 10 games with Montreal . Finally to top it off the guy has missed a total of 34 games the last 4 seasons which translates to a lot of time in the tub .