Elks release Martese Jackson, Shai Ross in flurry of moves

EDMONTON – The Edmonton Elks have added wide receiver Charles Nelson, offensive lineman Martez Ivey and defensive lineman Jacob Plamondon to their active roster.

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As a diehard lifelong Edmonton fan Chris Jones is really starting to irritate me with some of these roster moves , the latest being Shai Ross , like the kid has a world of talent how can you blame him if you have body getting the ball to him ? Or even playing him , he won’t be a FA long trust me


Maybe Kyle Walters will bring Winnipegger Shai Ross back home to add some veteran depth to our receiving corps. I'm surprised that Chris Jones couldn't find a place for him.

Doesn't look like the Elk gm did much of an off season recruiting job at this point. There's no such thing as an Elks!

What if there were two Elk joined at the hip or some other body part? And what if they had pointy sticks?!

I doubt Ross ends up in Winnipeg.

Manitobans do not seem to be a priority. Demski, Gray, and Oliviera are the only three. Anthony Coombs is better than Ross.

Unfortunate for Coombs that he did not get a opportunity like some and will leave it at that.

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Whatever happened to our discussion on 'Elks'? I thought that was going somewhere.

I agree! Bombers don't need anymore hometown favorites unless they can be difference-makers. Ross isn't near as experienced (or fast) as Nic Demski - Demski also can elude a tackle or 3; Ross usually down on finger tip contact.

But I think someone will pick him up as a depth piece. My guess = Ottawa or Montreal.

Ah let me tell you the tale of the great purge which made no damn sense of ought '16. Yeah CJ is a tool its all about him and how great he is, and if you don't 100% drink his kool-aid you're out the door faster than a Toronto GM snatching desperately at every free agent available.

True. But every GM brings in players that fit the GM's plan. Not a fan but core players like Evans, Moore, Vaughn, Lauther on offence, Leonard, Marshall, Moncrief on D were all players brought into the league by Jones. So was Jefferson & draft picks like Judge & Teitz. He has a record of finding talent. All those guys, when healthy, are key contributors.

I don't have to like him but if you don't drink the Kool-Aid you're gone? That's pretty much it with a lot of winning coaches - clearly the way Belichick operated as did Matthews. Along the way popular guys get cut. If another team benefits, good for them I say. Them's the chances. :sunglasses:

3 local starters are not enough for you? How many would be needed for you to feel comfortable saying it's officially a "priority" for the club?
Is there even another team in the league who has 3 starters from their own city?


He didn't catch a single pass and the topper was when we got the ball down near the goal line at the end ogf the game if he had taken two steps back toward the QB he would have had an easy TD, but he just stood there next to the cover guys...

As for the rest - you keep changing the pieces that don't work until you find some that do. Unless you don't want to improve?

Yeah, he went to Saskatchewan and took a 4 and 16 team and turned them back into a winning ball club. I guess that wasn't what anyone in Saskatchewan wanted....

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