Elks release James Wilder Jr., Vincent Testaverde Jr.

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Elks announced Wednesday that the team has released Americans James Wilder Jr. (RB), and Vincent Testaverde Jr. (QB).

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I thought Wilder had been released back in December.

Edit: I guess the team just gave him an unofficial heads up in December. I wonder why they waited till now to make it official.

As far as I know he never had the surgery he needed to get back on the field. Sounds like they were finishing out his full contract.

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He always looked unprofessional with his jersey rolled up exposing his abs.
I liked that he didn't get vaxxed though.

"I liked that he didn't get vaxxed though"

Huh ???? please do explain , enquiring minds need to know .

Although I do have to agree that him wearing his jersey like he got it from 'KIDS R US" made him look like the total douche that he was .

Looks like this is the end of the road for the very talented James Wilder Jr. He has been plagued with injuries during his entire CFL career. :upside_down_face: