Elks release American WR Maurice Ffrench

EDMONTON – The Edmonton Elks are making moves ahead of their Week 8 matchup against the BC Lions.

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From what little I saw of FFFFrench he looked pretty good to me. I wonder what Edmonton fans think.

The Bombers are hurting and need linebacker depth badly. Perhaps Tobi will return? I know one thing and that is whether Jones releases or keeps a player has no apparent correlation to their ability to play in the CFL.

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Couldn’t hurt. Not sure if he’s an upgrade on Briggs, Kramdi, Maruo

I think they were looking for more in the way of returns from Ffrench. That and his preseason success hasn’t translated into regular season success at 15 of 26 with a 12 yard average.

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Ffrench was not reliable overall.

What the fa–fa-fa-fa–fa-fa-fa-fa-Ffrench…better run, run, run, run, run, run, away.
Qu’est-ce que c’est…a Psyco Killer?


Here’s how I even knew about Ffrench before I saw his name surface on the Elks roster all of a sudden this year.

When Ffrench was at Pitt, for I was at the game in 2018 visting my alma mater Notre Dame, I saw him return the second half kickoff for touchdown against our woeful coverage.

We didn’t play very well in that game, but we did win as we went 12-0 to make it to the college football playoff only to be trounced devastatingly by eventual champion and undefeated 15-0 Clemson.

It was after that season that I knew that college football could never stay nearly the same, and here we are now.

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There’s a decent chance you were there when one of my friends or relatives was. My aunt married a guy who went to ND, as did all of his siblings, as did his dad (his mom went to St. Mary’s when ND was male-only). Then my aunt’s three kids all went there.
I also have two friends and a cousin-in-law who went to ND law.

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One of my all time fave songs