Elks release 10 players including P Hugh O'Neill

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Elks have released 10 players, the club announced Thursday.

Among the cuts were five active roster players, along with five players from the team’s suspended list.

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Wow. Mr. Jones has been very busy. He looks to have a big wallet handy for free agency. No huge surprises except maybe O’Neill.

Looks like Jones has a plan and is executing it.

It's the sort of thing good GM's do. Most Elk's fans have seen that so rarely in the last 22 years we forgot you could do that.

Someone is going to pick up Mincy and O'Neil, not necessarily together, that's for sure.

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There is very little Mr. Jones won't do to make the 2022 Elks his team. Whether it's dump players by the truck load or bring in new old players past their "best before date" but one thing is a guarantee Mr. Jones will keep Edmonton's name in the media. In this case all noise is good noise. This will only result in a increase of controversy which will lead to an increase in attendance. Something Edmonton needs most.

CFL 2022 is shaping up nicely.

I'll let the EE fans follow all these movements. CFL.ca should post a once weekly summary of Jones transactions, rather than plug up the news section every day. Follow the bouncing...everything!

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No way! Too many “HOT TAKES!” and “BREAKING NEWS!” in this world!

I would not know, but I am going to guess that Chris Jones and Hugh O'Neill just did not like each other.

'Twas another one of those healthy and mutually amicable partings. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I suspect a lot of players don’t particularly care for Jones, I bet he’s a pretty demanding guy & makes no bones about being abrasive. My philosophy was always that I didn’t need to like my employer as long as I respected them. If you don’t like or respect them it’s time to move on.

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