Elks' RB Maleek Irons retires, team signs OL Samuel Thomassin

EDMONTON – The Edmonton Elks announced a pair of moves on Thursday, signing National offensive lineman Samuel Thomassin and placing National running back Maleek Irons on the retired list.

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Good for Chris Jones. He's still looking under rocks for Canadian depth... unlike some OTHER clubs (named 'Riders') who've clearly given up on the idea that they can improve their rosters this late in the season.

With Sam Thomassin Jones gets a huge out of shape OL prospect who will no doubt hit the gym early and often this winter to turn some of that 330 lbs of flubber into menacing muscle. Don't share your doughnuts with this rotund ruffian. He's in training as of NOW.

Those increasingly gigantic offensive and defensive linemen are the primary reason why injury lists are so long in the CFL these days.
They get injured and they injure others.
If you look back to the 1970s, linemen were much smaller and there were way less injuries.
The rosters now are up to 45 from just 32. Plus they need larger Practice rosters to keep tons (literally) of reserves waiting.
Injured lists ( 1 game and 6 game) usually exceed 20 players total!
If they keep up this way, we will see O-lines that exceed one ton! 400-500 pound super sumo wrestlers blocking out the sun... just to protect QBs from harm.

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O-Linemen that big would need motorized carts to get them on and off the field. When they get up from their stances to block they'll all need to make beeping sounds to warn others if they have to move backwards.