Elks radio colour guy Eddie Steele fired for remarks about Elks GM

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From 3 Down Nation under "Insider Talk":

"I spend a ton of time on the road and run into scouts and personnel guys from other teams all the time. You know who I never see? (Edmonton Elks’ general manager) Brock Sunderland. Strange."

Maybe the Elks need a change...


Edmonton appears to be a lightning rod of the war against publicly speaking your mind on organizational and non organizational issues .

If I didn't hear any of this from the thought police in Edmonton I would never had known who even Eddie Steele is or possibly even Christian Jones the year before .

They need to get concerned over fans real issues like the team and what it represents on the field and less on individual expression of thought off the field .




It sure seems Brock Sutherland is a piece of work

What’s the culture of an organization that fires a loyal employee like Dwayne Mandrusiak after 49 years and bans Joey Moss from the dressing room because it’s been decided he’s become a distraction? These decisions were made by Brock Sunderland. Let’s talk about that.
Oh, it’s true. Multiple sources. Joe Moss, part of the EE staff for years, was banned from the dressing room and it was Brock Sunderland who made the call.


That's why I like the format in the NFL. The individual network TV stations are NOT employees of the league/teams and they can speak their mind. Yes, I know this is a team employee....

It's refreshing to hear someone from NBC rip on a coach/player/GM. It creates intrigue and adds to the enjoyment of the product during the week leading up to the next week of games.

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Really sad to see how a team was not long ago a flagship franchise has gone down the toilet in such a short amount of time.

What Presson does from here will be telling. Who does run the show there?


…are you suggesting that these issues aren’t important? That if the elk were 7-0 right now all this other stuff would be okay?

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Football is all about results. Ideally if a team can't compete then the manager will step in and make all the right changes needed to make that team competive.

Unless of course... that team is managed by a manager who is incompetent.

Our previous manager 'managed' to blame everyone but himself EVERY YEAR during his failed tenure. As a result we kept firing our coaches until we discovered that it was our sneaky crap ass manager who was to blame. We wasted so many years trying to figure this out. :pleading_face:


Usually, it is the radio station that hires and fires the announcers not the team. Has CHED and their broadcasters been traditionally homers?


They should be concerned over their sports entertainment issue first and foremost whether 7-0 or 0 and 7 .

The social political issues that are deemed not universal like the stand with Jones are exclusive group issues that are not universal while all children matter are generally considered universally inclusive . Everyone sees the matter and message as covering the universal message we failed a particular group .

Someone getting married is not life and death it's a issue that ws dealt with by the courts despite at the time's percentage of support by the general public not to allow it .

The divisive nature of some issues needs to be reigned in ; I don't want to feel that they are picking sides and staying on the sidelines is acceptable for freedom of speech such as Jones tweet which is innocuous and not in anyway offensive .

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Ruling with an iron first over in elk land


It's the same as CFL. The TV crews are for a national audience and the radio crews are contracted by the teams. If you've ever heard a Steve Raible Seahawks radio game it's crazy ass biased for Seattle.

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That’s correct.

And if you think the hometown NFL announcers are bad, you should check out a local NCAA broadcast.


It also shows how utterly clueless Sutherland is in terms of running a team.

I can assure you the players appreciate having a guy like Joey Moss or Dave Cass around the team and involved with things on a day to day basis.

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Reminder: discuss football, not other members, and be civil in your interactions.

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I don't agree they have nearly as much freedom as you believe. They walk a fine line.

Given the value of the rights paid to broadcast the NFL, dissent of employees and contractors for sake of criticism of the NFL and anything associated with the product on the air is well-managed.

The NFL makes ample use of the elite of public relations firms, akin to an attorney for a high-profile client who is accused of a serious crime, to manage their image especially when there is a scandal.

Often certain topics of ample discussion off the NFL broadcasts, and this was even more the case before social media chatter on sports, are left off for discussion altogether or given a passing reference at best.