Elks QB Ford expected to miss multiple weeks with injury - TSN.ca

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To me it looked like an intention helmet directed to the shoulder by a stamps player. there were several of them in the game.

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Seems to me Jones should at least pretend to have some confidence in Arbuckle right now. Use him or lose him, he's no good sitting on the sideline, & right now he's the only decent option.

Well Arbuckle is gone now. The Elks look like a rudderless ship.

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Looks like Cornelius is the man now. Back from injury just in time to lead the Elk to a magnificent run to the play-offs. Follow the bouncing QBs I guess. Maybe he can establish himself before Ford returns, or the soap opera will continue.


Ford is obviously the guy when he's healthy. Cornelius was top of the depth chart all through camp but showed a lot of nerves on field in preseason.

Can't really say I'm on board with going with Ford right now. The logical side of me shudders when thinking about having such a raw rookie leading the charge. It's CJ's show, but ,yikes, talk about throwing a rookie into the fire.

The one thing with him that's differenty is he's Canadian football already. He doesn't have to convert from 4 down football. And he's shown ability.

Cornelius is still likely number one anyway but I will bet Ford will see playing time too.


I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that Tre Ford and Taylor Cornelius will be 'THE GUYS' who finish on top of the QB pile in Edmonton.

I do as well. Not having a mobile QB in the CFL is an invite to get blitzed to death. Even if its just as Matt used to say the odd Sally Rand you gotta move the QB around.