Elks promote Jarious Jackson to offensive coordinator

The problem is that it would be impossible to attract quality coaching candidates by offering only one year contracts with incentives. The market dictates otherwise. No one is going to want to be a CFL coach with only a one year guarantee when other leagues offer far more.

Good to see we can still count on you to run the Bombers down, even when they are no longer considered the team to beat.

Two things. One, there is no such thing as karma.

Two, the comments on the Lions stellar defence so far may apply so far. the season is 18 games long however so I suggest we wait for it to be completed before comparing the Lions current defence to the recent Bomber defences or any other for that matter whose stats were skewered somewhat by several garbage time games which hasn’t applied yet to BC. All we have right now is an interim snapshot.

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Also, this is the open forum. People can run down teams as much as they want, provided the conversation is civil and adheres to the forum Code of Conduct.

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Of course. Some of us Bomber fans just have a little thing going with Pants as most of his posts are anti Bomber. They are not personal or made in the Bomber forum nor are they in violation of forum rules. We are also allowed to respond in kind and point out the broken record thing. Apparently the Bombers have not been very good and overrated and poised for a downfall the last three years. A six year straight run of Cups would probably put them in the conversation of being a great team/organization.

I usually get out about now. Expect a response post telling us more about the Bombers inferiority to present and past teams. :slightly_smiling_face:


What the Bombers have done in recent years is what all teams aspire to do in this league. I don’t mind admitting I’m envious of their success.


This story says a team is allowed a free pass on a termination once every 5 years.

They will get some financial relief from an operations cap rule that allows a team to amortize a fired coach’s salary over five years. Each team is also allowed a free pass on a termination amount once every five years.

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First the comments on BC are not mine and they clearly note that this trend may not continue.

Secondly, I have never said the Bombers are not the team to beat. I have said they are one of the 3 best teams multiple times in the past few posts & come playoffs, as I have often said, anyone can beat anyone.

Thirdly, Jon, YOU not me said this above:

“Good to see we can still count on you to run the Bombers down, even when they are no longer considered the team to beat.”

It is YOU who are saying that the Bombers are “down” & they are no longer considered the team to beat. Your words, not mine.

Lastly, unwise for a fan of the Bombers to talk about garbage time. Bombers have been held to zero point in the last Qtr 3 times already. Is 19 points in the 4th Qtr by a rookie QB “garbage” time - a loss yet. 14 pts by Hamilton garbage time? Or a loss of focus from a so-called veteran club? If they don’t play well in “garbage” time, that says a lot about the Bombers, no? How about the GC -zero pts in the 4th Qtr? Garbage time when the job’s undone? Zero pts in the 2nd half vs BC? Something seems to be going on here, Jon.

Can we please stick to the topic!


Yes, agreed, let’s stay on topic, folks. The subject at hand is Edmonton.

That’s the first time I have heard about a team’s ability to amortize one contract over 5 years and to get a free pass over 5 years. The article is 4 years old but it would be helpful if those rules are still in place.

Does anybody know? This coaches cap thing appears to be shrouded in mystery. Has Edmonton for example used any of these exemptions already if they are still in place?

[quote=“Squishy21, post:2, topic:87335”]
… Seems like the offence doesn’t ever get traction to get moving consistently.

An article on the CFL website May 14/21 - # ARGOS FINALIZE 2021 COACHING STAFF - lists Jackson as the Argos OC. Those are the GC champions I believe. So I would have to say the move should be viewed as positive.

Outside of the fact the offence sucks, I wonder if McAdoo was demoted because of a reluctance to make a change @ QB & we may shortly see Ford get a chance. Hey, what’s going on now is obviously not working. Anyway, good luck to the Elks. :smiley:

My understanding is those exemptions are already in place. Keep in mind the Elks dumped their President, GM, HC AND Sunderland, likely to protect himself, also gave Thorpe a multiyear deal as DC. I believe the 1st 3 were all on 3 year deals as Sunderland had been extended. So that’s not a lot of relief.

Jones was willing to take on 3 roles & Elk board of directors hands were tied. As it is, as Cui reported, they have less available staff on the football operations side probably for another year. My guess is they may have got some relief with Thorpe & Jamie getting work elsewhere. Not sure on that. Riders had the same problem when Jones left after signing up his entire staff.

I’m not sure that cap relief is available to a team if one of their coaches signs on somewhere else other than not having to actually pay them their salary in whole or in part, but that is a contractual matter.

Previous discussions in other threads seemed to conclude that this was the case but I’m not sure anyone knows for sure given the mystery surrounding the cap rules.


Do we really think Ford is an upgrade at QB?

Macadodo sucks as an offence coach, hated him in Sask. Jones was a huge mistake also, thought the elks learned that the first time around. Where not doing much better with are 3rd year in a row, useless O-Line!!

I’m sorry.

I was almost certain that something seismic was about to happen within the Elks’ upper echelon. I was wrong again. :confused:

Looks like a reshuffling of the deck chairs after the ship has already sunk.

My guess is the Elks demoting Taylor Cornelius to #3 and now will be starting either Jarret Doege or Tre Ford will have more of an impact than switching chairs on the deck.

Well, three wins would tie them for third place in the west right now…

This guy sounds more like a frustrated fan than a reporter, but he is right about Jones the GM.

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