Elks promote Jarious Jackson to offensive coordinator

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Elks announced changes to their coaching staff on Monday, as they promoted Jarious Jackson to the role of offensive coordinator.

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Seems like the offence doesn’t ever get traction to get moving consistently.


Let me be the first to roll out the cliche of this being like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic.


Well thank gawd they FINALLY fixed the team Squishy. You and I can both breath a sigh of relief.

Now the Elks will go on a 10 game winning streak and win the Grey Cup in Hamilton… forever sealing Chris Jones’ place as the greatest GM/Coach in Edmonton’s history. :smiley: :+1:

There will be no stopping 'em now . Onward and upward I say . :dizzy_face: :upside_down_face:

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True, but misleading, he was a back up for all of those games.

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I don’t know about you guys in Hamilton Bobo, but we’re ALREADY running up the surrender flag here in the 'Peg.

He was the DC …the Designated Clipboard holder .

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No way! I watched here in BC, Jackson call the most predictable games I’ve ever seen. Run for two yards on first down. Pass for six on second and punt on third. He can’t adapt to situations and lacks the imagination to pull a trick or two out of his sleeve. The Elks may get a temp boost but in the long run, a bad choice.

Have to try something until they can dump Jones’ salary in November.


unless and until Cornelious Taylor is demoted I expect bugger all in the last 10 games

I get that they had to do something, but Jackson has no great track record in the CFL as an offensive coordinator.

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Sorry to contradict you but …
Jones’ contract was for 4 seasons. If Victor chi is going to dump Jones he has to wait until after 2025 or pay Jones off for the 2 extra years.
This from 3 down:
"Beyond Jones, the Elks currently have nobody on their staff with the head coaching experience to seamlessly assume an interim role. Even if they did, Cui warns of serious financial ramifications based on the CFL’s current football operations cap.

The executive denied reports from multiple sources that Jones’ contract is structured as four separate one-year deals, which would allow the team to escape a firing unscathed. Instead, he insists the commitment is for a full four seasons and that a coaching change would “absolutely” hamstring the organization.
The Elks are still paying out the contracts of their previous management group, former general manager Brock Sunderland and head coach Jaime Elizondo. The pair were fired following a 3-11 season in 2021 that was mired in controversy, forcing the team to be stingy with their future hirings and save money by giving Jones multiple responsibilities. "

Augh. I guess it’s “go Bombers” for 2 more years.

“shuffling deck chairs” . . . the saying refers to “shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic” . . .
I am sure it was just a typo . . . "and the Band played on . . . "

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I agree with the rearranging the decks chairs on the titanic comments.

At the same time, realistically there’s not much else they can do right now with the number of years on Jones contract plus still paying off the old regime not even 2 years removed.

They need to sink or swim with this group.

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Yeah, thanks for correcting, I obviously meant deck chairs. Will correct it.

I don’t agree with line they can’t make changes beyond this. I had actually called for Jarius Jackson to be named head coach in recent days, OC its something, but still the loudmouth Jones is still in charge.

I am not a lawyer but I don’t believe that a GM/HC/DC has the ability to completely say it’s my way or highway or else I sit at home and collect paycheck. He still has a President and Board of Directors, they have some rights.

Jones could be asked to give up HC role, and just be GM/DC, if he balked at that, not sure that he could just quit and collect pay at home? If somehow this is the case, you can bring in a consultant that has sweeping power, ok you have no money for that Jarius Jackson could be that guy

In future no CFL team should be offering contracts beyond 1 year unless there are performance clauses in 2nd and 3rd years such as a 0-4 start the ownership group has option if they like to void contract. I doubt a good candidate would turn down job with those conditions.

Moving Jarius to OC is better than nothing. I don’t think Jones has respect of the players, I think would be huge sigh of relieve if he had some change of responsibility. The final option would be to make Jones life so difficult that he quits. But could start by even approaching him to be just DC

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This alleged 4 one year contract concept was recently discussed on another thread. Someone initially raised it as fact. I questioned whether it would even be allowed by the CFL as it would be an obvious end around the coaches cap, although the CFL seems to permit a similar end around by the hiring of “consultants”. As team brass is denying that they could get out from under the contract for two years I will have to go with that and believe that you are correct.

Do you know offhand how long they have to lay their previous regime? Are they done after this season or are they stuck for one more?

This whole coaches cap thing really screws the teams that have made a poor hire which it could be argued they deserve, but on the other hand it hurts the competitive balance of the league greatly. It benefits the rich and hurts the poor, which is generally against league philosophy otherwise (the draft, equalization payments). It needs to be fixed but that’s a topic for another thread.

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Not like you to take a cheap shot, Maaax. O’Shea’s time started out poorly too. Bad Kharma.

About that “generational” Bomber D Bombinos like to talk about. Here’s what scribes are talking about now.

"If beating up bad teams doesn’t impress you, B.C. has allowed just five offensive touchdowns through seven games, three of which came in a Week 4 loss to Toronto where turnovers placed them in unwinnable field position. No team in league history has ever sustained a rate of less than a major per game over a full season; they are currently averaging 0.71.

Beyond the fact that just five percent of their opponents’ drives have found the endzone — the lowest since the league began tracking that data in 2008 — the team is conceding just 13.4 points and 253.8 yards per game. The latter number is beneath the CFL record set by Edmonton in 1989."

That title didn’t last long. Regardless of whether the Bombers have it in them for another go, changes are staring you right in the face. That Bomber D sure looked gassed in the 4th Qtr last November, didn’t they?:smiley: If I were an Elk fan, all I would say to the Bomber faithful is this. Rather a 30 game losing streak at home than wait 30 years between CUPs. Sorry, Maaax, not impressed. Squishy hasn’t been one to bash other teams.