Elks pretty quiet

Haven't heard much out of Elkville at all other than signing 3 old receivers and re-upping a couple of bit players. Here's hoping Jones has got a plan for free agency.

Derel Walker re-signed today. Not that old.

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They're quiet but they aren't 'pretty'.


Hope he can rebound after a subpar season, I think he's still got gas in the tank.

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Give Walker some consistancy at quarterback and he'll rebound nicely. Will it be Arbuckle's year to finally nail down that starting job?

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It better be because right now Corny is all we've got behind him and he's not the answer IMO.

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Chris Jones is not one to stand pat on a losing hand. Expect much upheaval in the coming months. You won't recognize your team let alone your receiving corps by the time he's whipped you guys into shape.

Better buckle up. :smiley:


Ed Gainey and Aaron Grimes are decent dbs. Joe Dirt at safety and a couple of tall boys on the corner.

Edmonton making the playoffs is not an impossibility.

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As long as Jones goes in there with a wrecking ball instead of duct tape they've got a chance.

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I have to disagree here. It's too soon to pull any such plug. This is the year to re-set the table for the future one way or the other and that's not merely from that shortened pandemic season after a canceled season.

When the new season starts, the 2019 Grey Cup will be the last time anything was "normal."

These things take time, and if a player can be groomed so be it all the better now.

Unless a quarterback is simply terrible as described very well in that thread about quarterbacks who showed high ability and potential in amateur play and in scouting yet were big busts, it is much harder now for a team after they cut and run a guy who is merely short now who otherwise could and should be groomed more.

You're probably right Paolo, I should have put not the answer right now.

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The way Jones is signing QB's Arbuckle will certainly have some competition.

Personally, I think it's great. For far far to long the team has hung its hat on one guy and if he gets hurt or doesn't work out it leaves a hole the team can't plug. Football is a competitive sport and competing for a place on the team should be a given, not an exception.

Now, about the middle of that defence....since Benevedes was here we haven't been able to stop the run.


Not sure Adam Konar will help but Deon Lacey should.

Jones won't be Jones if he doesn't find new to the league talent.

Konar is a solid veteran who can probably drop into any linebacker position to fill in.
Sure, he's a little long in the tooth but still a solid player. I will gladly welcome him back.

You need some of those veterans because they help the younger guys.

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Not quiet any longer. DC is in the house.

Starting at DB. Good for the league and DC

This guy had a ton of talent, maybe he's matured with age. It's not gonna be dull when camp opens.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Signing Milanovic-Litre might be bigger news. Elks also have first overall.

Big concern is we let Hugh O'Neil go and Sean White is gone to BC and we have yet to sign anyone to replace them.....

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I agree this was a mistake on each front. It's not as if stability in the kicking game is aplenty as then you can build special teams around these key players.

Now it's all blown up and you better believe the consistency and rhythm with a stable kicker makes a massive difference in special teams play.

Jones screwed up this one for sure in my view whatever the views on the rest.