Elks partner up to broadcast CFL's first Indigenous language broadcast | Offside


This is a great idea.

Yes very cool idea. Nice to see the organization reaching out this way....

@Jon and @Maaax - bet you guys didn't know the Bombers were part of this......

No. First I heard of it. Cool!

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As Cree has many forms but most plains Cree (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba) speak a fairly common dialect I am surprised this hasn't been promoted in Manitoba.


First I've heard of it too. This might just be the first Pro Football game ever broadcast in Cree. I wonder if they have any Cree equivalents for '1st Down' or 'Long Bomb'? I'm sure that 'Windspeaker Media' came up with something to cover all possibilities.

Anyone see 'The Windtalkers' (movie)? It was a saga of how Navajo Indians used their language to create an unbreakable code that helped win World War II. The Japanese were faced with the impossible task of translating language equivalents for battlefield jargon that didn't exist.


I did years ago. Starred Manitoba’s own Adam Beach.


[quote="Maaax, post:6, topic:79150"]
...alents for '1st Down' or 'Long Bomb'[/quote]

It could go two ways. The Montreal media created French terms for all the baseball stuff when the Expos were around; but nowadays I've watched Blue Jays Filipino and they don't really bother :slight_smile:

Its about time; the NHL has been broadcasting in Punjabi for years and its a huge success.
This also preserves the native language for generations to come.
Well Done!

Maybe it's time for the CFL to engage that community as well.....